DIY Raffia Moon Summer Tote

😍Raffia Moon Summer Tote

Yinz (or y’all for my Southern readers), I’ve done it again. Yep, I did it! Made somethin’ else with ra-raffia! This is my 4th project with the same spool of raffia (gasp!). And I am over the moon (pun intended) with it! I can not wait to carry it out and see the stares of “where did she get that and where can I get one!” Okay, realistically, I’m usually so far in my head, what other people are potentially thinking about me doesnt pass my radar. But, the bag! Yasss hunty! It was inspired by the Pinterest photo below.

Love at first sight

The one above can be purchased through Trendencias online, I checked. It is like 45.00 + shipping. As a maker, I always want to make something I see or an approximation instead. It’s a compulsion, I suppose, yet I always want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Trendencias!

I’m usually not so referential. I’m usually just creating what comes to mind, but sometimes, I create outta pure envy.

Now, to the tutorial. You will need some


Crochet hook. F or smaller

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Larger eye sewing needle


Measuring Tape

Sharpie or chalk

Hammer (or heavy blunt object)

Sewing Machine (optional)


Burlap coffee bean bag or 36×14 inches of Burlap $5 (on Etsy)

(2 )12 inchcircular floral rings $5.60 approx

Embroidery floss (any color to go with your palette) $1

Leather for strap – 8 feet ($8)

Measure and cut

How to:

1. Measure around your floral rings 2 times and then tick off a 1 inch seam allowance. And measure out 2 more circles using the floral ring as a template BUT add 4 inches at the bottom of each circle, kinda squaring it at the bottom.

2. Cut out the 4 circles from step 1 measuring the ring circumference + allowances above.

3. Take the imperfect circles and place the ends that are squared one atop of other 2 inches in. The ends overlap.

4. Sew by hand or machine, the bottom overlapped ends to one another straight across.

5. Now, sandwich atop of the imperfect circles, the two perfect circles on either side. Pin around the perimeter. Then, machine sew or hand sew half way around. Or you can hot glue the circles to the imperfect circles half way up.

5. Insert the rings inside of the sandwiched circles.

6. Machine or hand sew (or hot glue) the circles all the way up.

Pinned, machine sewn and ring added

7. Cut off any excess and even out the corona of the Full Moon (perimeter of the circle) 😊

8. With crochet hook, add raffia that is cut 8 inches (or longer up to you) almost all the way around. See pictorial. The burlap is kinda like latch hook material, it’s easy to push through squares to add the raffia fringe with a lark’s head knot.

Adding Raffia with Crochet Hook

9. Measure out where you’d like your straps. I should’ve made mine a little closer to the edge, effectively wider distance between. Each strap is 4 foot.

10. Cut out to 10 inch by 4 inches strip panels for either side above the sewn together bottom square area. (I machine sewed the perimeter of the panels so they wouldn’t unravel). This will be the sides of the bag. Hot glue them on 1 circle, either side starting at edge of bottom square.

11. Hot glue other circle and affix it to previous panels, lining it up to the panels and other circle. Wait for it to cool.

12. This is the hardest part 😩. Burrow 8 holes into each leather strap. Holes should be 2 inches from bottom on either side and 1/2 inch apart. I had to use a screwdriver and a hammer to tap the hole through. Or you can use your thicker needle and something heavy to tap it through. See photos.

13. Hand sew with embroidery floss the leather straps to the burlap.

14. Cut raffia pieces even and voila! Totes is ready to impress.

It does with so many outfits!

I’d love to see what you make. Share via ellainthemoon on Instagram or Pinterest. And comments or questions welcome. I’ll be posting photos of this tote in the wild with me. Kinda like that lil gnome in Amelie (a favorite movie).

🌚Happy Making!

ella in the 🌙

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