Make: Crochet Bric-a-Basket

Happy Thursday! I have a new crochet project for you! Super quick and super fun to make imho! For all of those crocheters out there who need a quick fix like me because patience can be rough. Haha. You are seen. Everything you need is down below, and guess what, this pattern is free.99 for… Continue reading Make: Crochet Bric-a-Basket

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Macrame Pumpkin 🎃

It’s Saturday night and since I have no social life, why not blog?! Plus, I missed Tuesdays’ deadline to present the second of 5 pumpkin patterns. In the words of Kurt Cobain (rip), “all apologies”. As you know, I’m all about the pumpkins. I love seeing them and I love making them. I made quite… Continue reading Macrame Pumpkin 🎃

Make: MacCro Pumpkin 🎃

Finally, I have my son to sleep. He went hard in the paint today (basketball analogy), and boy, oh boy, am I completely worn out. We did it all, the playground, Evan’s Orchard and throwing acorns in the backyard. I’m like “child, I need to blog!” Hope this Sunday has been restorative for yinz (y’all… Continue reading Make: MacCro Pumpkin 🎃

The Pumpkins are Coming! The Pumpkins are Coming!👻🎃

Hola! Ni hao! Jambo! Konichiwa! 👋🏾 Hi! How about that crafters!? Trying to be more welcoming as I have readers from all over the planet which I find very exciting. Everyone should feel welcome here and I hope you do. Weird sentence. Sorry. Not gonna fix it though. Sooo…pumpkins are coming! MacCro: to be both… Continue reading The Pumpkins are Coming! The Pumpkins are Coming!👻🎃

Technique Tuesday 006

Hey folks! It’s Tuesday, almost Wednesday here in US. What else would one expect from me though? Procrastinating is my biggest personality characteristic lately despite best of intentions. I did start a completely different technique tuesday early in my day but it failed due to equipment set up. Anyhooter, this one is a nice palette… Continue reading Technique Tuesday 006

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What’s Up Monday?

Hiyeee! I’m waving 👋🏾 Forrest Gump style at you all right now! You are Lieutenant Dan. 😊 It feels like it has been an absolute eternity since I posted, but it’s only been a few days, err a week. I started this draft days ago. Maybe it’s because I haven’t posted a how to lately… Continue reading What’s Up Monday?

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Technique Tuesday 005

Sooo…I am not sure if it’s 005 or 006 🤔, but eh, that’s how pandemic time is. And oh boy, the delta variant and its accompanying life complexities have resulted in a delta depression for me. Hence, hardly any blog how tos or posts lately. But do not despair, here’s a technique tuesday video for… Continue reading Technique Tuesday 005