Whatever fits my Whimsy

I have done many things in life, from being a punk rock musician, to a roller derby athlete, amongst other things. I have experienced so many things and enjoyed many people. Now, I enjoy bringing projects from my mind to life. And sharing them with you, for free! Won’t you join me in these project journeys?


  • MIY Crochet Daisy Earrings

    Hola! On a Monday no less! Shocking, I know!🙀. I hope that is the proper emoji. If it isnt, chalk it up to my not being a millenial, but definitely in the internet era. I have been quite busy making idea pins for Pinterest and releasing free patterns and tutorials over there. I hope you […]

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  • the Heat is On! ☀️

    Another summer is here and my goodness, I have never been so hot! I’m already #overit! Making things in the summer takes a whole different level of commitment and discipline. I sweat into the items I’m creating. Can you imagine? Has this ever happened to you? 🥵 I think I have a hard time taking […]

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  • Under Construction

    Under Construction

    Hi everyone! Serious work is taking place on the website currently. You should begin to notice changes for a better experience. And once it is all done, mark your calendars for weekly crochet, macrame and/or knit patterns weekly! And in the meantime, if you need a fix of how to’s, macrame clothing techniques or DIY’s, […]

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  • Sun-daze ☀️

    Sun-daze ☀️

    Hiya! The time has come! Yo estoy muy excitado! The website deliverables have arrived and the redesign starts this week. So, a new and improved Ella in the Moon begins. It’s just what I need to reinvigorate my passion for the blog and give you content you can use to make all the things! Another […]

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