Double Half Hitch

Hello Folks! Just popping in with a quick technique that I had mentioned to you all a couple of times last hear. I wanted to make sure to double back and share the video of the lighting fast way to do double half hitches. This method has revolutionized my making.

Here is the link:

Also, I just posted “Rope and Yarn Talk” on the Ella in the Moon YouTube. It’s geared towards macrame clothing makers. Like what I use, what brands, pros and cons.

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Craft Bloggers’ Block 🤯

Help me blog (back pack full of yarn)

Hello Mis Companeros, y Craft Friends! What’s going on? I hope you all are well in whatever part of this glorious planet you are in. I sincerely do. I’m one of those people who cares deeply. Like too much even. It’s not unusual for me to cry in “St. Jude Hospital” commercials or while reading some article about humans being mistreated. I’m “that bitch” 🤣

My empathy gets me down somedays. So much so that it paralyzes me and I have to dig deep and remember Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption which just so happens to be my favorite movie. Hope Springs Eternal. Remembering how this fictional character suffered 19 years and then crawled through tons of crap to get out happy on the other end gives me joy (and tears).

I say all of the above because we know I struggle with consistency and posting here often. Part of the problem is my health has been absolute crap this year, the other being my son’s school calls off unexpectedly quite often and well, the paralysis from above.

Yet do not dismay. For those of y’all needing a macrame fix or crochet inspo, just subscribe to my YouTube! I have been pretty regular over there and there is a glut of how to videos and eitm podcasts uploaded now. Not to mention my thariving (yes misspelled for emphasis) Pinterest. I am Ella in the Moon on all the above. And, I have an IG but I rarely use it because Mark Zuckerberg is truly an evil engineer. Jmho. I just find IG depressing and making me feel like I am not doing enough. I feel inadequate and as we know, I have enough problems. Whew.

Anyhooter, with all of that being said, please send blessings my way for this boomerang of latest menopause hot flashes to leave me be. I feel truly debilitated this week. Additionally, I need to get the disclaimers and government requirements added to the blog this next week. Once the above two issues are alleviated and resolved, watch out craftin’ world…hopefully.

With yarn 🧶,

eitm 🌙

Crochet All Day 🧶

Hello hello! It has been a while, eh!? Sorry for that. I was just busy filling orders for my “i have knotty hobbies” shirts that I begged you lovely folks to purchase in my last post. Flying off the shelves I say. OK, knot really: It resulted in two orders. And I’m not even sure they were from blog readers. Haha.

So, I got depressed and started feeling “is this even worth the time?” Ever feel like that? Where you put your energy and time into something and feel like nobody cares? I’m sure some of you can relate. But enough boo hoo woe is me crap. The world owes us absolutely nothing. And experiencing hiding from a tornado in December recently, well, small first world problem.

And with that being said, I forge on. You can still buy the knotty shirts for the knotter in your life in my Etsy They come in many sizes and can ship next day.

My macrame tutorials continue on YouTube so be sure and check out part 2 for the macrame festival vest. Part 3 is coming soon and it will involve some crochet or you can continue on in macrame. However, part 3 isnt necessary if you just want a beach-ready item. (Is she really talking about beaches in December 🤣).

Wanna know what crafting I have been up to lately? In between being quite sick with an upper respiratory infection and my kid being sick? 😷 Crochet! I have been crocheting and sewing, actually. Remember my motto is “whatever fits my whimsy”. Specifically, I finished up the cutest commissioned crochet baby bear cardigan with booties for a former coworker. It was a fun project.

Monpetitviolon on Etsy pattern
Added cute lil’ booties and ❤️ buttons. Completely made up the bootie pattern while crocheting.

I have been commissioned by my sis-in-law to make 6 sets of matching masks, head wraps and earrings for Holiday gifts for her friends and sisters. I am not enjoying it, but the things we do for family, amiright? I’m loving the print we picked out though. 👇🏾

My Dad also has me sewing him 3 sets for his lady friends. Uggghhh. He is going to pay me even though I don’t want his 💰.

And aside from the ever-growing granny square maxi dress I’m designing and trying to complete by 1/1/22, I finished another Katie Jones Knitwear Blooming Bomber. I love it! Do you?

Katie Jones in collaboration with LoveCrafts. Free pattern.

Love the detailing

🌚🤩 and just like that, gotta get one more stitch in! Be sure and join me on YouTube or IG and if you made ANYTHING from the blog patterns or tutorials I’vr given you this year, I would love to see! Please, show your work. 😇

Yarn Over and Out,


Macrame Gift Tees 🌚🎁

Ella in the Moon Tee

Hey Makers and Aficionados out there! We are in full swing of the shopping season in the US. I know I have readers all over so just wanted to make sure to delineate that. The holidaze are here!

Maybe your’re shopping for the Holidays or maybe you’re making! Me, I bought a couple of local gifts at the Flea Off Market in Louisville today and beyond a couple of gifts of thanks to my son’s Teachers, that’s a wrap. 🎁 I’m outside of the mainstream as far as holiday stuff goes but that doesnt mean I don’t have something available for you to gift to yourself or the knotter in your life. Heck, even crocheters or embroidery artisans.

Macrame shirt
In Sage Green, all sizes to 2XL

I have Tees available in my Etsy, and they are perfect gifts! Available in Sage Green and Mauve here . I’d love it if you drop by and purchase a Tee, especially if you like tbe blog. I’ve been doing the blog for basically no $$ and it could help me continue to offer free patterns and DIYs.

So, tomorrow, consider a Tee for the maker in your life, or just to display your “knotty” lifestyle. Otherwise, I’ll have to resort to ads and, well, they kinda ruin everything. But no matter what, keep it knotty!

Knot it,


Why Macrame? 5 Reasons

Hello, Hello! Another day to tie the knot or a knot! I woke up today wanting to macrame. Actually, more pointedly, I woke up wanting to finish shooting the current macrame video for my YouTube. Have you checked it out yet? If not, why knot? Ha.

No seriously, why knot? 🪢 Why did you click on this blog? Most likely because you came across my #1 post “5 Fantastic Uses for Macrame”. It outstats any other post I’ve ever done. And it makes sense. We all want the things we create to be useful. That’s why I wrote it. Plus, I’m an ideas person.

But let’s chat a bit. Imagine us by a fireplace, cozied up with some hot chocolate. ☕️ Why take up or learn macrame? Well, I have 5 reasons for you.

5. It’s perfect for the home. Yes, I’m sure many of us got into macrame because we saw a beautiful wall hanging or macrame plant hanger. We were enchanted by the intricate knots or the structure of the rope, how it seamlessly gave a bohemian vibe. Or knotical (the puns keep on coming! 😊). We love seeing plants suspended in mid air.

A custom piece I made for @hisarahtops on Instagram

4. We love to learn new crafts. Macrame is an age old craft and has enriched many lives over centuries. It originated in the Middle East and means “fringe” in Arabic, which I think I’ve mentioned before. If you are like me, and I’m guessing some of you are, you get “shiny sparkly object” syndrome with the possibility of a new craft. (Ps be sure to check out my punch needle disaster on the latest eitm video podcast). Macrame is no different in our quests to learn All The Crafts.

3. It’s portable. Macrame is easy to take with you and do on the go depending on how big your project is. Micro macrame, like a beautiful bracelet, can be done on a car trip to Grandma’s. You can whip up one of my mini macrame plant hangers on your vacation trip. All you need is rope, scissors, macrame board and t pins. Easy breezy.

Reused styrofoam cooler to and t pin=portability

2. It’s useful There are so many ways that we can use macrame everyday. From macrame toilet paper holders, macrame picture frames, macrame fruit holders and cat hammock. These are just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. Plus, it is so inexpensive to begin your knot journey.

Macrame Pictures Frame

1. It’s meditative Tying macrame knots can be such a peaceful and calming endeavor I’ve found. Knot after knot, you are holding concentrated attention on making knot perfection and creating your design. Hours go by, and a majestic piece is born. When I feel stressed sometimes, I use it as a release. Have you found this to be true of macrame as well? I’d love to know! Sound off with a comment. 😊

There you have my 5 reasons, as a knot aficionado and knot artist of now 6 years. I have gone from making large scale wall hangings for restaurants in CA to Custom Burning Man outfits. And I continue to enjoy this ancient craft in it’s many forms.

Keep it Knotty,


DIY Braided Stone Display

DIY Braided Stone Display

Hi Readers! Mis companeros! How’s it going out there in the Internets? Making anything special? Is anyone out there? 🤣 Just Kidding. I know you all are out there thanks to google stats.

Anyhow, figured I’d pop in to tell those who havent subscribed to my YouTube 📺 channel (Ellainthe Moon) that there is another tutorial available. It’s part macrame and part braiding.

In the tutorial which you can access here, I show you how to make a DIY Braided Stone Display for your window or car rearview mirror. It’s a great way to infuse your environment with positive stone energies.

I know many folks believe in the inherent energy in stones and sometimes have them tuned to certain ailments or wishes. Or some just find them beautiful💎. So, for whatever reason you have stones, I give you an unique way to display them.

The great thing about this DIY is it takes very little time and requires few materials. But, I aint gonna lie, the 4 strand braid is kinda hard to get down. Go see for yourself. And thanks for reading.

eitm 🌚

Slow Burn 🔥

November fire

It’s November. You’re probably already aware of this though. We wound our clocks and hours back for daylight savings time in parts of the US, where I reside. The air is warm here, but a crispness has set in. The leaves are carpeting our paths. November makes me pensive, poetic and sleepy. An exhaustion seeps in with the shortening of days. I become a 🐻 bear basically.

Hibernation is renewal. And a molting of sorts. Shedding old for new. I’m only speaking metaphorically not literally. I am continuing my blog, but really, I need to be more dedicated with pattern creation and posting. Some people are so capable, organized and routinely, I am none of these things. I create in spurts and go through days and weeks of malaise. And it shows in my stats. Trying to make a livelihood out of blogging and creating is a tantamount task, not for the inconsistent.

So, with that being said, til 1/1/22, I am not longer a slow burn with this blog, my creating or pattern-writing. I am an ablaze, unrelenting, pattern-designing, blog-posting, YouTube-creating maker on a mission. Won’t you join me?

Make it Knotty,

eitm 🌚

🎃In a clutch, Macrame Handbag 👜

Pumpkin Candles. Flame too high. 😱

Hi! It’s Halloween today! We made it! Haha. Not sure what that means but there is truly nothing wrong with rejoicing upon making it to another day. Plus, I’m all about fall. Changing the subject now, how about some pumpkin photos!

This mini pumpkin was interesting to me.
Jack O Lantern Spectacular with my tiny child and great nephew.

A little information on the above photo, we went to Louisville’s Jack O Lantern Spectacular and it did not disappoint! Over 5000 jack o lanterns artistically carved and painted. Artists used the theme “TV through the Years” as inspo and oh goodness, I’ve never been so enchanted. Walking through Iroquois park at night, alit with thousands of amazing pumpkins will be a time I always remember. It helped me get over a deep disappointment.

Even though I didnt meet my goal (thanks debilitating illness), I did still create and share three new pumpkin patterns this past month. So that’s not nothing, right? Below you will see what was supposed to be my 4th pumpkin pattern of macrame.

Sometimes, patterns don’t work out. 😥

I know, I’ve made a big deal about pumpkins but something about their round orangeness (and other heirloom colors now) make me happy. I guess we can keep them around tol after the November Holidays. Anyhow, sorry if you were looking forward to another pattern. Don’t despair. I have a macrame handbag pattern up on YouTube that you can check out! It’s been up since Friday. So get some T shirt yarn and some dowels and get to making!

Get thee to YouTube 📺 (and subscribe please).

As for me, time to get ready for trick or treating with my little one and finishing up 2 works in progress.

Happy Halloween,


Gourdgeous Pumpkins

My Happy Place

Did you know pumpkins are gourds? And a squash?! Well, google says so. And science. Tasty little tidbit.

I love painting pumpkins, too

And, “October is my favorite color” as seen on a T-Shirt I almost purchased is certainly a vibe, and I’m here for it usually, but it has been unseasonably warm here and I have been whiplashed back into Menopause. Basically, I have been sick.

If you follow this blog regularly, you will know that I intended to present two more pumpkin patterns before end of October. I have encountered a major hiccup in my lofty plans as of late though. Hot flashes, extreme fatigue and general malaise have been completely debilitating for the last week and a half. I sleep during the day, and sweat slash toss n’ turn at night. It’s also a vibe and quite terrible. Just as I was on a roll, my physical health stops me in my tracks.

So, until I finish the “in progress” pumpkin macrame pattern (or is it a jack-o-lantern”) in the crafterroom, just enjoy these images of macrame and pumpkins.


Three tiered macrame pumpkin hanger (my pattern, never wrote it up ☹️)
My former porch adorned with macrame pumpkin hangers
Macrame Spiral Hitched Pumpkin On Macrame Pattern Swatch
My kiddo last year at the Evans Orchard

Another Pumpkin, Another Day 🍂🍁

Mini Pumpkin Hanger
Read on for the link to the Tutorial

Hello out there! It’s the first truly fall Sunday here, and it’s raining like it’s Spring. Torrential down pour really. All the plans I’ve had for the weekend are kaput. No Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Festival in Louisville or the Annual and Amazing St. James Art Fair. ☹️. Just at home holding my kiddo with his cyclical GI challenges. I’m basically a nurse minus all of the training and tests. And the pay.

Eh, enough “woe is me” and more crafting, the happy part of life. I have a new macrame tutorial ready for you! It’s already on YouTube, too. It’s perfect for a mini pumpkin. Replacing the plants, putting the pumpkins in their place.

Macrame Mini Pumpkin Hanger

This little ditty should take under an hour to make. You will need 5mm cotton rope, and a 5 inch ring. Additionally, T pins and a macrame board on which to work. Here is the link (if you havent subscribed yet to the YouTube 🤓)

What I love about this mini macrame hanger is that it’s kinda avante garde and traditional. You can even customize it further if you’d like by threading wood beads in the middle of the triangle or reverse lark’s heading rope of a different color through the middle.

Transitions nicely thru the season. 😊