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Knotty Wall: How to’s for these are on Pinterest under my Idea 📌 s

Hiya! The time has come! Yo estoy muy excitado! The website deliverables have arrived and the redesign starts this week. So, a new and improved Ella in the Moon begins. It’s just what I need to reinvigorate my passion for the blog and give you content you can use to make all the things!

Another project, which I’ve talked about before, is a granny square crochet top for me. I made one before, not intentionally, but this one is for me. Truth be told, it was supposed to be a dress, but I’ve run out of patience. I can always add to it later really.

The squares

Currently, I’m working through several wips, and I really want them done. Each different project is soooo close to being done. One is a special embroidered T shirt for an artist friend, and can I just say my love of embroidery and cross stitch is extinct! There was a time when I loved to make items on the ‘ol hoop, but now, I dread it. Maybe I’ll show you the ones I still have on “Throwback Thursday”.

Then, there is the Macrame Scorpion Dress I am finally showing my YouTube subscribers how to make. I have shared a snippet on The tube, yet the rest is in my edit queue. It’s probably the item I’m proudest of making that I designed. I can’t wait to drop part 1 of the tutorial tomorrow.

And…I have this super cute creation that I have in the works that I think folks are gonna swoon 😍 over. But, guess you’ll have to check my Pinterest on Thursday for it. 😉

I’m happy to say that after the redesign goes live, I will have 2-3 patterns ready to release to the blog first! So, check back in like a week to find out release dates. Until then…

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Website Redesign

Macrame Keeping me Cool 😎

Hi readers, crafters, makers! I wanted to make sure to update you all when the website is redesigned and updated so that you know to come back and enjoy new patterns and the like.

Well, I signed the contract a week ago, and fhe work commences within the next week. I am very excited because I just don’t have the time and energy to do it myself. It would take a ton more learning for me, which would take away from making tutorials, new designs, and new patterns. I want readers to really be inspired here, and this phoning-it-in design (if you can call it that) just isnt up to snuff.

So June is largely gonna be crickets around here and July-August, I’ll be pumping content and free patterns out. September-October will bring in the kits and e-commerce.

In the meantime, maybe I can write a cool summer macrame top pattern for you to make. Yes, I think I can. And with that being said, reminding those with Pinterest to head on over to Ella in the Moon for some great idea pins. I just posted a mini tutorial on DIYing a Macrame Hat Display. Last week, I featured a DIY Macrame Top. So, lots to catch up on. 👍🏾

Just a quick whip up 👒

I am really looking forward to the new design and rebirth of sorts. It will infuse a breath of fresh air to the blog. Hope you return to see it.

In knots,


Best Machine Washable Yarns for Macrame

Hey ho! Poppin’ in to tell you the contract to upgrade and remodel this website is in the works! I am so excited! I have big dreams for it, so it is time to make this site too legit to quit. Sometimes, you have to find the experts in fields to help you level up, even if it costs a little bit. But what does this mean for you?!

Well, it means the site will make more sense, be more aesthetically pleasing, modern, and bring in some much needed revenue for me to continue to offer you free patterns and diy💡 ideas. And…I can offer kits and such!

The work hasnt started yet but I will sure let you know when it does. Until then, please (And I aint too proud to beg), check out my Pinterest. I have been adding a lot of ideas and how to tutorials there, all under a minute. It will help me out tremendously.

Oh and there is a perfect idea pin on machine washable macrame yarns 👇🏾. Just click it. 😊

Knot it!,