Macrame Rose Knot Mini Plant Hanger

Macrame Mini Plant Hanger 🌱

How cute is this mini plant hanger?! It’s like my favorite hanger. I made it last year in a fit of creativity for a bulk order. A customer in VA wanted 20 mini macrame hangers of different styles and I dug deep to provide her with 10 different styles. Lucky you, I’m presenting the first one of the batch for you to MAKE yourself.

I luvvv how boho and romantic this little hanger is. Perfect for the upcoming Valentine Holiday 😉. It’s also so very versatile as it can truly be hung anywhere. (Or is it hanged, uggghhhh grammar!). Heck, make a living wall with several of these and air plants or succulents.

Below, you will see a short video on how to do “the rose” knot. Watch it before using the pattern.

The Rose Knot. (Make 4 alternating sq knots first)

So, hopefully you watched the video, or maybe you already know how to do the Rose Knot. Below, you will find the pattern. As with any of my tutorials, feel free to make your own and resell with credit to eitm. They make great gifts!


Wood Ring (I get mine from Michaels or Etsy)

Rope (10 Cords cut approx 22 inches, I used 1/4 inch unwound/unbraided into pieces)

Scissors ✂️

Cost: $2.00 approx to make (Cabone Rings are $2.49/5 pack)

HH = Half Hitch

Sq = Square

Pattern is written in rows working left to right


Hang your 10 cords, halved via lark’s head knot onto the wood ring (20 rope tendrils will dangle)

Row 1: Make 5 Rose Knots (See video above)

Row 2: Half Hitch cords 2-8 onto cord #1, being sure to pull cord #1 diagonally to right as you work. Next, Half Hitch cords 13-19 onto cord #20, being sure to pull #20 diagonally leftwards down while hitching.

Row 3: Gather 2 leftmost cords and the 2 rightmost cords and make a square knot in the middle.

Row 4: HH the 2 left cords from the middle sq knot from Row 3 onto cord #1’s row of half hitches. Then, do the exact same thing with the rightmost cords of the middle sq knot from Row 3 onto cord #20’s half hitches moving left diagonally.

Row 5: Finally, marry Leftmost cord (#1) and Right (#20) with a HH of #1 over #20. Snip cords to an even length.

Yer done. Hang it up. Too confusing, see some tutorial steps below.

Final photo is of half hitch started from left to right

Don’t forget to share what you make with me via IG @ellainthemoon Next tutorial: You’ve Got ❤️ Heart Bunting.

🌚 eitm

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