Make: Crochet Bric-a-Basket

Get out your Jumbo Crochet Hook 🧶

Happy Thursday! I have a new crochet project for you! Super quick and super fun to make imho! For all of those crocheters out there who need a quick fix like me because patience can be rough. Haha. You are seen.

Everything you need is down below, and guess what, this pattern is free.99 for you dear reader! Folks who come across it on Etsy, well, not free. And believe me, it took hours to take the photos and write the project eventhough I whipped it up quickly. The best thing about this make is how versatile and useful it is. We all need a little basket to throw our bric-a-brac in.

2 styles, one crochet pattern!


  • Large Crochet Hook (size Q, 16mm)
  • 1 skein (108 yards) of 9mm Braided Cotton Rope (Bobbiny brand-I ordered mine on Etsy from AllYarnDrive (highly recommend))
  • Scissors

Time Needed:  This should only take you about 25 minutes if you are intermediate to advanced.  Beginner, maybe 45 minutes tops.  

You will need to be able to do the following techniques/stitches:

Slip Stitch (SS)

Chain (Ch)

Single Crochet (SC)

***for the modified one, you will need to be able to Back Loop Only (BLO) Single Crochet

Skip Chain or Stitch (SK)

Beg = Beginning

Working in a round, Ch 5 and Slip Stitch to Join

Round 1, Ch2, 10 SC’s, sl st to join to beg

Round 2:  Ch3, sk st, then SS in next St, Ch3, sk st, sl st in nxt st, repeat 3 more times, then DO NOT sk next stitch, sl st in it.  Sl St in beg to join

Round 3:  Ch2, 2 SC’s in same Ch3 from Previous Round, and SC in every Slip Stitch from previous round, do this the whole way around til you get back to the beg, sl st into ch2 to join.

Round 4:  Ch2, counts as 1st stitch, SC in every stitch from previous round.  SS to join to beg ch2.  (21 stitches including ch2)

Round 5: ch2, SC in every stitch from previous row, then sl st to beg to join.  Cut excess (there won’t be much if you ordered 108 yards from Bobbiny)

Now, turn your item inside out as this will help it structurally, and drop in your bric-a-brac. Small items will fall out of the bottom unless you line it.  I use it for my keys, nail polish, and my son’s chewelry.

****If you’d like to make the second option of this basket, the version that looks more like knitting and is in green (if you can see the color), then in every SC you see from Rounds 3-5, you will Back Loop only whenever there is a Single Crochet.  So, to repeat, you will not go through both stitches for your SC, you will only SC into the back loop.

Hope you make a couple for your home.  You can also use ¼ Cotton or Braided Rope to make this item.  

Ella in the Moon 

(™) Please credit Ella in the Moon if you make this item. You are welcome to sell it in your shop. Happy Making

PS. I didnt make use a magic circle because it messed up the bottom. It made it wobbly.

Macrame Pumpkin 🎃

Macrame Pumpkin

It’s Saturday night and since I have no social life, why not blog?! Plus, I missed Tuesdays’ deadline to present the second of 5 pumpkin patterns. In the words of Kurt Cobain (rip), “all apologies”.

As you know, I’m all about the pumpkins. I love seeing them and I love making them. I made quite a few crochet ones and a couple knit ones over the years. One of my favorite bloggers (whose work inspired this blog) has some great ones in her Etsy, Megmade with Love. Here are a couple I made from her blog and one pattern I created (I didnt write it down 😣).

Pumpkins I made in 2018. Yellow one was my own pattern. Orange one, megmade with love on etsy.
A crochet pumpkin I made in 2018 as well. Gifted this one to my niece for her dorm.

This little ditty works up in approximately 1.5 hour. You have to make 10 columns of square knots. 9 rows. You will need 18 cords of twine, which means 18/2 x10= 90 square knots. (Math, 😑 ). A foam board or macrame board is essential and 2 T pins. Embroidery needle, burlap, and scissors are needed. Tissue or polyfill (not much) are needed as well. Hot glue gun is optional. Little twig from the great outdoors, necessary. 😊

The pattern

Oh feel free to use extra fabric laying around instead of burlap. It doesnt matter. ♻️ reuse!

The stuffing of the pumpkin is exactly the same as the previous MacCro Pumpkin. Also, seeming the edges is the same to close up the side. You can hot glue or stitch up the side inside out then turn it out.

We’re on the 2nd pumpkin, bottom left.

The most important thing for this pattern is making sure to measure the cords properly when reverse lark’s head mounting them to the piece of 12 inch twine. So, of each halved 22 inch cord, when mounting, Cord 1 has to be twice as long as cord #2. And the same for the halved other cord. So filler cords 2,3 have to be half as long as the working cord to which they are attached. Otherwise, you will run out of working cord (1 & 4) and have an excess of filler.

Basically, the pattern is 1 row of square knots all the way across and for every row after, except in rows 2-9, cord 4 from previous row, joins to the square knot directly to the right and below it and goes under in the first sq knot of the row. Then, moving across the row, the square knot from which you are working will have cord 4 from the row to the left and above and cord 1 from the row right and above. All of this is in the video below. Nothin’ like seeing it!

You will ‘bind off’ to use a knitting term at the end with a finishing row of horizontal double hitches.

After you bind off, stitch around the bottom like the video shows you and pull tight. Then, take the ends of the top, on which the cords were mounted, and pull tight, knot and clip excess. Then, add a topper. 3 candy corns on a toothpick would be cute.

This is a private video. Folks who do not read the blog or who do not check my Instagram can not find it. So “yay, you! yer special! Many more specials to come!

With no further ado, click here for short tutorial video. And as always, I’m just an e-mail or an Instagram dm away for any questions. 🎃

Happy Making

eitm 🌚

Make: MacCro Pumpkin 🎃

Lil’ MacCro Pumpkin

Finally, I have my son to sleep. He went hard in the paint today (basketball analogy), and boy, oh boy, am I completely worn out. We did it all, the playground, Evan’s Orchard and throwing acorns in the backyard. I’m like “child, I need to blog!”

Hope this Sunday has been restorative for yinz (y’all in Pittsburghease). Hope you had the opportunity to spend time outdoors or enjoying something meaningful to you.

So, I am going to present the first of 5 pumpkin patterns tonight. It is part macrame (remember the wave knot?) and part crochet. Both parts go very fast imo. I love doing both of these techniques because I am utterly impatient, which is probably a surprise to readers. Crafting has changed me a little bit though on that front.

So, you will need Twine and Cotton Rope or really any cotton brushed rope 3mm. I purchased the twine for like $1.79 and used most of it. The cotton rope is actually unbraided tricord 1/4 inch scrap but for all intents and purposes, just use 3mm brushed. I tend to reuse to reduce my carbon footprint and out of general cheapness, but you do you.

The twine I used but in brown

This pattern will make a small pumpkin measuring about 6-7 inches around. Want a larger pumpkin? Increase rope by 2 lengths for every 1/2 inch and crochet rows by 2.

Wave knot

Tools: Scissors ✂️ , Darning Needle 🪡, macrame board (or styrofoam cooler lid, three T pins, 5.75mm crochet hook.

Crochet portion (US terms):

hdc=half double crochet

chain 16

R1: in 2nd ch from hook, yarn over and insert hook, pull up loop and HDC in every stitch to the end (14), ch 2 and turn

R2: HDC in Back Loop only, skipping first st. Ch2 and turn

R3-R14 repeat row 2 exactly as written, then snip and cut

Next, macrame portion:

Line up a length of twine measuring twelve inches beside crocheted piece with two T pins anchored onto board.

Fold cotton rope and Larks head 12 lengths measuring 36 inches onto a piece of twine measuring 12 inches.

Next, do the wave knot, changing direction every 5 rows for approximately 15 total rows. I basically wave knotted til it matched up in length with the crochet piece. See video for wave knot.

To finish the fringe off, make 1 row of horizontal half hitches along the bottom. Snip excess.

So, now you have a macrame square and crochet square, but they need to link together. Simply get out the darning needle and stich them together. I did an overhand stitch on both sides to match them together. There is no wrong or right side with these two squares so just place one atop another and overhand or running stitch them together. Overhand is bulkier and sturdier.

After stitching together, turn it inside out and follow instructions below and see photo

Now, you will need to cut a piece of twine to do a gathering running stitch to pull everything in and shape. I filled my pumpkin with tissues but you can use polyfill or whatever you have around. A lot of pumpkin patterns use polyfill.

Running stitch below along edge in between stitches

You have to pull quite hard to gather all of the stuffing in and make so that the wholes at top and bottom are closed up to 1/2 inch.

Lastly, find a small stick or twig to act as the pumpkin topper. Insert into 1/2 inch hole at top. I went the extra step and made a crochet I-chord cover in green for a lil extra pizzazz. I basically threw it on over my little twig. It took maybe 8 minutes. Found the video on YouTube. I had forgotten how to I chord so had to do a refresher.

4 pumpkins and 1 squash

I hope yinz make a lil’ macro pumpkin or size it up as the instructions state above. Hopefully, it is all clear but if I know myself, I will edit portions for greater clarity tomorrow after a night’s rest.

Tuesday, I will release the Macrame Pumpkin with video. So, hope to see you then. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube. 📺

Happy Making,


The Pumpkins are Coming! The Pumpkins are Coming!👻🎃

Hola! Ni hao! Jambo! Konichiwa! 👋🏾 Hi! How about that crafters!? Trying to be more welcoming as I have readers from all over the planet which I find very exciting. Everyone should feel welcome here and I hope you do. Weird sentence. Sorry. Not gonna fix it though. Sooo…pumpkins are coming!

MacCro Pumpkin and Macrame Pumpkin

MacCro: to be both macrame and crochet.

I have patterns coming for free (gratis) right here on Sunday. Both patterns above. Everyone else will have to get them off Etsy if they don’t read the blog (pssst…tell em to read the blog 😉). I am so over-the-ella-in-the-moon foe the season change here and pumpkins. Y’all gonna be so over me talking about ‘em. 🤔 Maybe.

I’ve been on a tear lately in creating. Like right now, I am piecing together a patchwork cardigan. And, I have more granny squares to make for a dress I have envisioned along with filming the squares for my YouTube, which I have my own YouTube link for now! So many wonderful things to share with you readers and thank you for reading.

In the coming month, I am going to re-envision the blog set up, formatting for more ease of use and hopefully, better aesthetically. I am going to switch to a static homepage so that one can click on a side panel to get to old patterns/articles and have them organzied into “DIYs” or “Crochet” or “Macrame”. So excited for what the future holds for this blog and hope you will continue on this journey with me. 😊

How cute, eh? Twine, cotton rope and cotton 🧶

Until Sunday,


Technique Tuesday 006

Hey folks! It’s Tuesday, almost Wednesday here in US. What else would one expect from me though? Procrastinating is my biggest personality characteristic lately despite best of intentions. I did start a completely different technique tuesday early in my day but it failed due to equipment set up. Anyhooter, this one is a nice palette primer til I finish the rest of it.

With no further ado or words because it’s 11:53 est and I gotta keep it in Tuesday: Macrame Bowl Tutorial Snippet. 👍🏾🌚