Boho Crochet Rag Rug (P1)🌚

Finally, it is here! Yes, I know a couple of you are quite excited as you were patiently awaiting this pattern. If I had written the pattern down when I created the original, then I could’ve posted it immediately, but no, always working backwards here <face palm>. Gotta definitely get my act together and write… Continue reading Boho Crochet Rag Rug (P1)🌚

Raffia Wall Hanging

Finally finished a project and I love it! 🥰 I have been working on it for months, but truly, it’s like a two hour project total. However, given I have a serious diagnosis of severe “shiny object syndrome”, I always have at least 5 wip’s (works in progress) in progress. This week though, I decided… Continue reading Raffia Wall Hanging

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You’ve Got ❤️Heart Macrame Bunting

Ya know what I love…Macrame + Bunting. And another sweet holiday is quickly approaching. In the US, February 14th is a day of love. Hearts are everywhere, they are in candy, they are in chocolate and yasss, I got a heart mask! No valentine for me this year 😭, first time in many, many moons,… Continue reading You’ve Got ❤️Heart Macrame Bunting

Macrame Chevron Earrings 🌚

Hai there! We’re now mixing it up in the New Year, surviving and still mostly stuck inside. And with “The Great Indoors” comes time to craft. In the interest of keeping one of two resolutions, I’m ready to release the first of two MAKE patterns this week. Today, I offer you Macrame Chevron Earrings. This… Continue reading Macrame Chevron Earrings 🌚

Whatever fits my Whimsy

The New Year is quickly approaching, and with the new moon and with the emerging of 2021, my energies are focusing more on this blog. Yes, I have had a truly traumatic year, much like everyone out there. The Pandemic, and a monumental, earth-shattering break up that I didn’t see coming under the pandemic, seeing… Continue reading Whatever fits my Whimsy

Latch Hook Tote Bag 🌚

Here at EITM, fiber arts reign supreme! Not just macrame or crochet, but truly all of the fiber…arts. Embroidery, punch needle, knitting and today, latch hook. The “whatever fits my whimsy” motto of my brand means who knows what medium is next. And today, it’s latch hook (probably tomorrow, too 😉). Today’s how-to is simple,… Continue reading Latch Hook Tote Bag 🌚

5 More Fantastic Uses For Macrame Scraps

👋🏾Hi makers! Boy, I’ve been MIA for a couple months now and for that I am sorry. Life has just been sooo busy. And I just needed to recharge my Maker’s brain. Surely you can relate. It’s back in full force! My post “5 Fantastic Uses for Macrame Scraps” is my most popular post and… Continue reading 5 More Fantastic Uses For Macrame Scraps