The ‘Nada’ Prada Macrame Bag

DIY ‘Nada’ Macrame Bag

Hey Everyone! Hope yinz are having a great week! I am finally feeling well lately and have hit the ground running with a bunch of video tutorial for my YouTube 📺 (pssst…!) and I am so pumped about the latest creation. It is a take on the Prada Macrame Bag that I saw on Pinterest.

It works up supe’ fast and is allkindsacute. It is perfect for the quickly approaching 🤞🏾 spring weather (hopefully minus the torrential rains we are experiencing, ugggh). Made out of 9mm cotton braided rope from AllYarnDrive on Etsy, it is very versatile and sure to get you a buncha “hey, where’d u get that?!”.

Oh, and a quick couple of announcements! I’ve updated this blog a little and added a links page. It has my tiktok, pinterest and instagram links. So, if you are like, what does she having in the works rn, you can check my social medias. I update Pinterest and YouTube the most, and IG the least lately.

I’m also considering opening a shop here on this very blog and offering my favorite ropes and yarns that I use in my makes. If that interests you, let me know and maybe I’ll pick up the pace in this. Plus, I could offer my specific eitm only boho scrap rope yarn.

I have another tutorial dropping on Saturday with the same kinda rope. My Macrame Rainbow (or it is finger crochet 😬).

Anyhooter, Imma pop the link in here and have at it. I hope you make one for youself!

I’m going to be doing a giveaway soon! So if y’all join my YouTube, once I get to 1K subscribers, I have a special pattern and surprise for the 1k subscriber (Only a few more to get there). And many more good things coming.

Keep it Knotty,


Sustainable Sunday

Macrame Scrap Creation

Scrolling through old photos of creations from years ago in my macrame journey, I found this macrame hanging. As a person who really cares about and worries about the planet, y’all know I’m all about sustainability and we as macrame artists can do our part. The above piece has scraps of leather (and yes probably not great for the planet, i know) and rope. It made a beautiful accent on our front door. It didnt offer much privacy though, but hey, art trumps practicality at times.

Sundays moving forward, I’m gonna try to focus on sustainable ideas for posts as it is an area that I think about a lot. Like how can we as creators, reuse, recycle and reduce in the best ways possible. How can one item be multi-faceted and make less of an impact on our planet? My most popular posts of all time on here are about reusing scraps, but I am gonna take it even further in the next two months with some other creations I have in the works that go beyond macrame, and into the realm of knitting, crochet and weaving even. (It’s something you’ve already seen, yet re-imagined).

These creations will have video tutorial components so be sure to subscribe to EllaintheMoon on YouTube 📺. The channel is gaining subscribers quickly lately so don’t miss out, especially if you’ve been itchin to slow fashion your summer swim cover up.

Hope y’all are making lots in 2022 already. I have a knit cardigan to complete right now.

With whimsy,

eitm 🌙

Begin Again

Happy New Year 🥳 to my readers and any rando internet surfers stopping by to see what’s up! I hope all are feeling the New Year Vibes and not too down in the doldrums due to Omicron. I am trying to be upbeat despite feeling like we are stuck on a merry-go-round of illness in the US and lately, with my son. This post was drafted the first week of January and clearly, it’s now February. Can’t catch a break truly.

I had a thought (shocking, I know) like a week ago when I was looking for my Blog Notebook. The Blog Notebook is missing and has been for a couple of months now. It has all kindsa post ideas in it with a few scattered outlines. I have been quite distressed over not knowing its whereabouts as you can imagine. Like imagine what some evil ne’er-do-well would plan with my shoddy sketches and macrame knot patterns. Ay yi yi! 😱

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking, why not talk about what you need to start up as a macrame biz or macramaker. Why not a genesis post per se? You’d have thought I would’ve covered this in the 2 years if this blog, but it has been a rough two years, hasn’t it?!

With no further ado, there are a few integral items or tools you will need to get your knot on! So, let’s start at the very beginning? (Sound of Music Reference 😉)

Mulig Ikea clothes rack or something similar. This rack is essential if you are making wall hangings or plant hangers. It allows you to hang your dowel or ring from which to work. The Mulig isnt as sturdy as the rolling one, but either way, you can get shit done. I also made one of 1×4’s for markets and to work from while at markets. The Ikea ones are less expensive than making your own, especially given the pandemic inflation here in US. The above one is 12.99.

If you arent able or want to purchase one of the above, you can add a lateral bar like below to some sturdy wall in your house and work from there. Just make sure to set it up at a level that will be ergonomic.

You will also need S hooks and the more of them the better. They come in handy. I got most of mine at IKEA in the kitchen section but the World Market also sells them online for a good price.

S hooks are needed to hang dowels from and can be reused for many things.

For small works, like ornaments or earrings, you need a macrame board or foam board and T pins. Michael’s craft store has macrame boards in the bead/jewelry section. I repurposed an old styrofoam shipping container top as my ‘macrame board’ (and I use it for crochet and knit blocking. BONUS🤓 🧶).

If you are following down the clothing path, a dress form is a must have. I heavily rely on mine. I also find they help me design in general. In the past, I’ve just created straight from the dress form.

The Dress Form I purchaed from Ebay for Macrame Clothing Creation

Recently, I figured out a macrame use for an over the door multi coat hanger. I had seen some hooks on Etsy which are very expensive and was like “what can I use instead?”, being the thrifty maven that I am. You can add your macrame rope spool on the hanger, and it will spin as you pull to measure and cut.

9 bucks at wal mart online

A few final essentials are tape measure(s), scissors, and stitch glue. I recommend having more than one tape measure because two is better than one. Oh, and I almost forgot, a tiny baby comb or hard tooth brush are needed to brush fibers apart if you are making macrame leaves, tassels or soft fringe feature.

The fringe part is brushed or combed

I’ll talk about rope types soon, and go into how some are better for certain projects. And of course, my most recent podcast episode is rope talk if you wanna watch instead.

Sorry this post has taken forever. 2022 has proven rough already with illness, yet I keep telling myself, “roll with the punches”.

Keep it Knotty,


Double Half Hitch

Double Half Hitch

Hello Folks! Just popping in with a quick technique that I had mentioned to you all a couple of times last year. I wanted to make sure to double back and share the video of the lightning fast way to do double half hitches. This method has revolutionized my making.

Here is the link:

Also, I just posted “Rope and Yarn Talk” on the Ellainthe Moon YouTube. It’s geared towards macrame clothing makers. Like what I use, what brands, pros and cons of each type of yarn or rope.

Also, be sure and follow me on Pinterest. I am always there with great content.


Craft Bloggers’ Block 🤯

Help me blog (back pack full of yarn)

Hello Mis Companeros, y Craft Friends! What’s going on? I hope you all are well in whatever part of this glorious planet you are in. I sincerely do. I’m one of those people who cares deeply. Like too much even. It’s not unusual for me to cry in “St. Jude Hospital” commercials or while reading some article about humans being mistreated. I’m “that bitch” 🤣

My empathy gets me down somedays. So much so that it paralyzes me and I have to dig deep and remember Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption which just so happens to be my favorite movie. Hope Springs Eternal. Remembering how this fictional character suffered 19 years and then crawled through tons of crap to get out happy on the other end gives me joy (and tears).

I say all of the above because we know I struggle with consistency and posting here often. Part of the problem is my health has been absolute crap this year, the other being my son’s school calls off unexpectedly quite often and well, the paralysis from above.

Yet do not dismay. For those of y’all needing a macrame fix or crochet inspo, just subscribe to my YouTube! I have been pretty regular over there and there is a glut of how to videos and eitm podcasts uploaded now. Not to mention my thariving (yes misspelled for emphasis) Pinterest. I am Ella in the Moon on all the above. And, I have an IG but I rarely use it because Mark Zuckerberg is truly an evil engineer. Jmho. I just find IG depressing and making me feel like I am not doing enough. I feel inadequate and as we know, I have enough problems. Whew.

Anyhooter, with all of that being said, please send blessings my way for this boomerang of latest menopause hot flashes to leave me be. I feel truly debilitated this week. Additionally, I need to get the disclaimers and government requirements added to the blog this next week. Once the above two issues are alleviated and resolved, watch out craftin’ world…hopefully.

With yarn 🧶,

eitm 🌙