Technique Tuesday 🌚

Keeping my promises here on another Technique Tuesday! Huzzah! I’m typing this up just under the buzzer. Video has been done, so certainly ahead of the game there. What’s with me and the sports analogies?! Guess you can injure the athlete, but not the sport out of ‘em? Damned roller derby ankle!

Anyhooter, for Today’s Technique Tuesday (or is today Monday? 🤔), I am sharing a video clip of an upcoming macrame festival skirt tutorial. It’s how to make V shapes in your macrame work.

V shapes for Festival Skirt using Diagonal Half Hitch or Double Half Hitch

I use Bernat Dec Maker Yarn in the tutorial because I am making a skirt, but you can use the same exact skill to make your macrame creation(s) with rope or cotton cord or whatever ya wanna call it. With rope, things are more rigid, so great for home decor. The yarn is good for festival and summer wear. It has a lot of movement and it dries quickly and can be washed unlike rope.

I do make items with cotton rope (see my Etsy), but I make sure to let customers know the one-of-a-kind item can only be dry cleaned. That’s the drawback. They can also be heavier than the yarn.

This technique, which we have kinda covered before is great for outlining shapes or making a line of demarcation so to speak. It’s good foe splitting things up or creating texture.

See the V’s that shape the ‘faux pockets’? This one is done with cotton rope.

So, enough ‘shop talk’ and enjoy the Technique Tuesday video. I’m batching posts latelt, well the videos, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check the blog every couple of days. A fire has been lit under me by the Universe, and that fire says “Be Consistent”. So be the change ya wanna see in yer Universe, nay, blog!

Happy Learning,


Psssst…tomorrow the crochet mandala half moon handbag pattern and video drops! Dont forget to check back

Macrame Air Plant Hanger 🌚

Macrame Air 🌱 Hangin’ off the wall

YouTube tutorial is LIVE! Here! I updated it in the nick of time before I had to rush my child to the ER (Uggghhh!). It’s 15 minutes long, and shows the whole process. You probably don’t even need to watch the whole vid as you will get the general gist, but perhaps, you will have to skip ahead for the different techniques. You can fit two cute little air plants in the holster-hanger, or even flowers.

I like options when I create things, and one’s imagination is the only limit! Make it in whatever color you would like. Want it bigger? Get a bigger Floral Ring and cut the rope longer. I used a 6 inch ring, but you could make a GINORMOUS one. Hey, maybe I should do that! Maybe not, it does need to affix to the wall. Hmmm…

On the wall.

So, the YouTube for the Macrame Air Plant Hanger being finished (or is it Holster instead of Hanger, idk?!) and uploaded on my channel (please subscribe or like), what else do I have in store? I have almost completed the written instructions and video snippets for my Crochet Mandala Handbag! Woo hoo! A photo is up on my IG (do you follow me!….yet, I know, not quite sure about me huh?). I just need to write the last row out, which I am going to do within the next 3 hours whilst my son is at day therapy. It looks pretty fantastic! And it’s so quick to grab for a date night (oh, I kinda remember those, maybe not), or a brunch with your best pals. It’s made of soft, easy to work up “Big Twist” yarn from Jo Ann’s (not a sponsor…yet). I am carrying it today actually.

Oh and wait wait! There’s more! I also have a Macrame Scrap Boho Bag almost finished! I just need to go and find some leather straps at our local Peddler’s Mall (my favorite place in Georgetown, KY) or should I just use tri-braided rope instead? I go back and forth over being vegan-friendly, and/or trendy. I guess, I’ll just use rope to make it easier as not everyone has access to the various colors of leather straps that I can get here in cow-nation.

One last thing, errrr, two last things though! I am determined to finish the rest of the video tutorial for the Macrame Festival Skirt (I finished most of it over a month ago, what is up with me!), and I have the “Technique Tuesday” ready for your approval for tomorrow. And remember, all of the how-tos and items I share with you here, you can make them and sell them if you’d like at your lcoal craft fair or on your Etsy. Just be sure to credit ella in the moon because as you can see, it’s like pulling teeth to get these creations outta me lately. But, I ain’t going anywhere. I am already 20-somethings posts in! Woo hoo! Sorry this was a little loopy, but thanks if you made it this far. I need more coffee.

Hope Springs Eternal,

ella in the moon 🌚

🌚Technique Tuesday: First Edition

Welcome to the Inaugural edition of “Technique Tuesday” where I will share a new technique every other Tuesday of the month. It will be either crochet or macrame related how to technique. With my over 8 years of macrame creating (cant believe it’s been so long), I have a well of techniques I have had to use to create everything from wall hangings to wearable items. And of course, I want to share them with you!

It will mostly be a few minutes snippet from video I have recorded that isnt ready for YouTube full lengrh. Most of the time it will be something I have created and sold, but sometimes, I’ll pick something out to explain “how did they do that”. Keeping things fresh and regular on here is a goal, and this will hopefully make both goals attainable.

With all of that being said, here is a clip of how to “macraweave” which I used to make a macrame 🪴 air plant 🌱 holster that easily hangs on any wall.

Technique to weave, over under

Til Friday,


Macrame Festival Top

Macrame Beach Cover Up (T shirt 🧶 version)

It’s a holiday weekend here in US and I’ve been plugging away on finishing projects, aka “wips” in the fiber arts community. I finished one halter top, a crop top (size inclusive patterns coming soon), a new crochet summer bag and am in the middle of designing a macrame bag. So, I feel so relieved to finally finish items that are far overdue.

Yet today, I am excited to share this Macrame top tutorial. It has been in the works for a while, and lately, the Moon is giving me all of the enegies. This top tutorial skipped ahead of my macrame festival skirt tutorial which is almost done. I had to skip this one ahead as an order came in, so it had to be completed quickly. Paying customers first ya know.

Macrame Beach Cover Up of Cotton Rope

This Macrame Beach Cover Up was the first top I designed at least 4 years ago (I believe, memory is hazy). I had gotten bored with making macrame wall hangings or maybe it was just my ADD cropping up as usual. Whatever the reason, I started making festival or summer macrame wear. Not many were doing it then either. The first couple of years of doing festival wear was busy, yet it has certainly leveled off in the past two years. So, I truly just want to concentrate on tutorials and pattern writing.

About this top: It can be thrown on over a swimsuit or a halter top and allow you to run around the beach or a backyard barbecue and be a little festive.

It can be made of T shirt yarn or Cotton Rope (5mm). I have made them out of both. The benefit of making it of t shirt yarn is that you can machine wash and hang dry. The rope version has to be dry cleaned or it may disintegrate. I like them both and both have their benefits. For example, the cotton rooe version has more movement and looks better structurally to me.

Sold item, ready to ship 🚢

The tutorial so far is only of the front. I will present the back (which only takes 15 minutes) next week.

Oh, and if you make one, please share it with me on pinterest or IG. Ella in the Moon on both. And as always, just shoot a comment here if you have questions.

Happy Making

~eitm 🌚


Hi followers, readers and craft-aficionados alike. Hope your May has been fantastic and everyone is able to ‘move about the cabin’ more. It has been some gorgeous weather here in Kentucky (and ColoRADo).

Mom and Me for Mother’s Day (also the Raffia Summer Tote Bag in the wild! I carry it all of the time!)

I havent posted in a couple of weeks despite my best intentions. My birthday 🥳 and advancing another year has brought me into early menopause. Did not see this coming! And oh boy, it’s worse than I could have EVER imagined! It has almost stopped my ability to create in its tracks. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability and just general, can I go on with life under these conditions?! For real, I have spent an inordinate amount of my day just trying not to be hot and near the coldest air possible.

With my current and on going health challenges, I have had slow, be kind to myself and not as driven, just outta sheer necessity. Like beyond all of the aforementioned symptoms of menopause, I also have been experiencing fatigue. Like there are over 30 symptoms of this change of life, and of course, I have half of them 😩.

On another note, I did have a chance to take a rejuvenating mini 2 day trip via plane to Denver and hike (and slide down) the Rockies to Alberta Falls and Emerald Lake. The air up there! Just wow! And the red rocks. My heart fluttered. Also, I visited the Botanic Gardens, which happened to have a couple of wonderful art exhibits (Kevin Sloan and The Salvador Dali). Like plants and art in one place? Be still my heart!

So, my motto being ‘whatever fits my whimsy’ please take this brief pause from my regularly scheduled programs (errr tutorials) and enjoy some photos from my trip, our local sculpture park, and come by tomorrow for my video tutorial (👍🏾👍🏾) of one of the first macrame tops I ever made and sold.

The Majestic Rocky Mountains
Yep, I’m wearing my granny square crochet mask (tutorial in the archives). Hey Salvador!
Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park
The view from “The Shining” Hotel. Unbelievably Breathtaking!
The snowy hill I slid down
I love Spanish Architecture. Some important historical public house in Denver
If that’s not whimsical, then I dont know what is. Salvador Dali photo at Denver Botanic Gardens.


Macrame Mandala Hoop

🙋🏾‍♀️ Hiya! Happy Saturday! Just poppin’ in to let ya know that I have a surprise make for ya! Click on the link (pssst…and subscribe) and make yourself a macrame mandala for your wall. Quick, simple and inexpensive. All of the information is included in the youtube tutorial and notes

DIY Macrame Mandala

Happy Making


Make for Mom: Flower Power Crochet Trivet 🌸🌺

Hooray, Hooray! It’s the first of May! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful “International Worker’s Holiday” yesterday. I certainly did. I spent most of the day outside, as I spend most non-rainy days. It was such a weather lovely day. My son loves being outdside as do I. I feel like he’d live out there if he could. Can’t say I blame him, especially in this most awesome month of May!

May is my favorite month aside from October. It’s so beautiful, picturesque and the bugs aren’t yet out in full force! It has my Birthday(!) which often falls on Mother’s Day. Nothing like a full day dedicated to us Mum’s (I love the Brit way of saying Mom).

I love the flowers and how green the grass is. Plus, it doesn’t yet get scorching hot and uncomfortably humid here in Kentucky. And truly, honestly, I am a flower connoisseur. I know folks rag on them sometimes because they die, but we die too, so let’s enjoy their beauty as we enjoy our own beauty. Not to mention, dried flowers give me life. I love em almost as much as live flowers. How about a flower collage?!

Flowers around my place

I could post more and more flowers photos but I’ll spare you that for the time being as this is a craft blog not an ‘amatuer photographer’ blog. Plus, I have a super quick tutorial for ya. You can even make them for your mom before Mother’s Day if you order the yarn tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

Terra Cotta Flower Powera Crochet Trivet
Sand Flower Power Crochet Trivet

Both of the above pot holders work up really quickly. I’d say under 15 minutes. You will be working in a round and the yarn is able to handle heat. The etsy shop I go the yarn from is called All Yarn Drive. They ship quickly and the amount you need runs $10 and you will have leftover yarn.

Crochet Needle Size P (I used the large boye plastic blue one


Large Scissors

I use regular crochet terminology and abbreviations as from previous posts.

Pattern for Terra Cotta Crochet Trivet

Working in a round

Ch8 sl st to join

Ch2 SC around 10 times. Sl st to join to beginning.

Ch 3, sk 1, sl st in nxt chain, ch3, sk1, sl st in next, repeat all way around, sl to to join to first ch3

Ch 3 and sc 2 more times in same st, then 3 SC’s per CH3 from prev row all the way around, then sl st to join at bottom of first ch3. Sl st to join to beg CH3 and pull up a loop to hang and cut. Cut long tail and wrap it around one time and pull through the back of wrap to secure loose tail.

Up close.

Next one is more floral imo. It is only like another round though. Be sure not to pull to tight whilst crocheting or it will curl up. I recommend blocking both for a night or just rest a heavy skillet or pot on them.

Pattern for Sand Flower Power Pot Holder

Working in a round.

Ch5, sl st to join,you have made a circle

R1: ch 2, sc 8x’s around, sl st to join to beg.

R3: ch3, sk ch, sl st in next ch, repeat all around. Sl st to join to beg ch3.

R4: ch3, SC x’s 2 on each CH3 from prev row, BLO (back loop only) into sl st in between ‘petals’ (meaning chain 3’s). Sl st to join beg ch3

R5: ch3, sk ch, sl st to 3rd stitch, all the way around. Then sl st to beg CH3 and pull up loop for hanging. Cut long tail and wrap it around one time and pull through the back of wrap to secure. Tie in loose end.

In the kitchen.
The one on the right is leftover yarn.

I hope you find this useful. Heck, these can be made anytime of course, not just for Mother’s Day. *Do not use these to pull anything out of an oven, you may burn yourself badly. *

Stay tuned for the basket I made with the same yarn.

Remember to give me a follow on Pinterest or IG, or better yet, share your makes. And as always, you are welcome to sell anything you learn here. Just be sure to credit eitm.

Happy Making


Raffia Moon Summer Tote

😍Raffia Moon Summer Tote

Yinz (or y’all for my Southern readers), I’ve done it again. Yep, I did it! Made somethin’ else with ra-raffia! This is my 4th project with the same spool of raffia (gasp!). And I am over the moon (pun intended) with it! I can not wait to carry it out and see the stares of “where did she get that and where can I get one!” Okay, realistically, I’m usually so far in my head, what other people are potentially thinking about me doesnt pass my radar. But, the bag! Yasss hunty! It was inspired by the Pinterest photo below.

Love at first sight

The one above can be purchased through Trendencias online, I checked. It is like 45.00 + shipping. As a maker, I always want to make something I see or an approximation instead. It’s a compulsion, I suppose, yet I always want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. Thanks Trendencias!

I’m usually not so referential. I’m usually just creating what comes to mind, but sometimes, I create outta pure envy.

Now, to the tutorial. You will need some


Crochet hook. F or smaller

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Larger eye sewing needle


Measuring Tape

Sharpie or chalk

Hammer (or heavy blunt object)

Sewing Machine (optional)


Burlap coffee bean bag or 36×14 inches of Burlap $5 (on Etsy)

(2 )12 inchcircular floral rings $5.60 approx

Embroidery floss (any color to go with your palette) $1

Leather for strap – 8 feet ($8)

Measure and cut

How to:

1. Measure around your floral rings 2 times and then tick off a 1 inch seam allowance. And measure out 2 more circles using the floral ring as a template BUT add 4 inches at the bottom of each circle, kinda squaring it at the bottom.

2. Cut out the 4 circles from step 1 measuring the ring circumference + allowances above.

3. Take the imperfect circles and place the ends that are squared one atop of other 2 inches in. The ends overlap.

4. Sew by hand or machine, the bottom overlapped ends to one another straight across.

5. Now, sandwich atop of the imperfect circles, the two perfect circles on either side. Pin around the perimeter. Then, machine sew or hand sew half way around. Or you can hot glue the circles to the imperfect circles half way up.

5. Insert the rings inside of the sandwiched circles.

6. Machine or hand sew (or hot glue) the circles all the way up.

Pinned, machine sewn and ring added

7. Cut off any excess and even out the corona of the Full Moon (perimeter of the circle) 😊

8. With crochet hook, add raffia that is cut 8 inches (or longer up to you) almost all the way around. See pictorial. The burlap is kinda like latch hook material, it’s easy to push through squares to add the raffia fringe with a lark’s head knot.

Adding Raffia with Crochet Hook

9. Measure out where you’d like your straps. I should’ve made mine a little closer to the edge, effectively wider distance between. Each strap is 4 foot.

10. Cut out to 10 inch by 4 inches strip panels for either side above the sewn together bottom square area. (I machine sewed the perimeter of the panels so they wouldn’t unravel). This will be the sides of the bag. Hot glue them on 1 circle, either side starting at edge of bottom square.

11. Hot glue other circle and affix it to previous panels, lining it up to the panels and other circle. Wait for it to cool.

12. This is the hardest part 😩. Burrow 8 holes into each leather strap. Holes should be 2 inches from bottom on either side and 1/2 inch apart. I had to use a screwdriver and a hammer to tap the hole through. Or you can use your thicker needle and something heavy to tap it through. See photos.

13. Hand sew with embroidery floss the leather straps to the burlap.

14. Cut raffia pieces even and voila! Totes is ready to impress.

It does with so many outfits!

I’d love to see what you make. Share via ellainthemoon on Instagram or Pinterest. And comments or questions welcome. I’ll be posting photos of this tote in the wild with me. Kinda like that lil gnome in Amelie (a favorite movie).

🌚Happy Making!

ella in the 🌙

Driftwood Hanger DIY

Last year had me retreating to nature in a big way. In times of great distress, I’ve found nature to be grounding and comforting, like many other people. Barefooted, I dig my feet into the Earth, and it helps me survive and create. I guess the term for it is “grounding” and as a Taurus, it is very important for my well-being.

Naturally, I started to forage pieces of wood from my surroundings to use for different projects and wall hangings. And being beside waters of the Elkhorn Creek gave rise to this minimalist-rustic creation which has unexpectedly become a necessity in my bedroom. I use it to hang hats, macrame items and lately, my clean face masks having so littke closet space and square footage in the house. I present to you the Driftwood Hanger.

Driftwood Hanger with EITM Macrame Festival Skirt

All of the pieces of this driftwood hanger (for lack of a better term) were rescued from a part of the creek that was beginning to dam up with debris. So, sustainably created, cheap and very cool.

To make your own, you will need the following items:

  • 5 pieces of driftwood, one of them needs to be very long. The above one is 5ft.
  • A drill with a small and large drill bit (must match the end of the driftwood to fit)
  • A piece of rope
  • wood glue

This organizer takes very little time to create once you have the driftwood. (Etsy has lots of driftwood resellers if you arent near a waterway). I recommend sitting your pieces in bleach to rid it of any potential bugs or critters as step 1. So 1 part bleach 3 parts water.

The part tbat takes the longest in your creating is for the glue to dry and set in position. Everything else is easy-peasy.

The drill I used (drill bits not pictured)
I used this brand. Set time can be hours.
Setting wood into glue hole
You may have to whittle the tips down with circular friction movement (or sand paper) to get them to fit.

Basically, I picked out some drill bits that were the same circumference as most of my pieces. Then, I drilled 4 large holes about 12 inches apart.

Next, I changed drill bits and drilled two small holes into the top at either end of the large piece of driftwood for mounting to the wall.

It should be noted that if you can, pick out unique and different pieces to place in the holes. One of my pieces is perfect for hanging hats on or multiple masks, like the forked one above.

Last steps are to squeeze glue into the holes. Be generous! Then, insert your individual, unique pieces. Allow ample time to dry overnight.

Feed your rope through the holes on either side near the end and make a knot below the hole. Voila! You have a very cool and highly useful driftwood hanger.

Such a cool aesthetic and looks romantic in a way.

Of course, as with anything, it can be jazzed up. I was thinking of making another one, yet painting it with some popping colors or just in a washed out muted color scheme to use at the next Festival Market for vending.

Let me know if you end up making one for your room and if you have questions, just post a comment. I’d love to see any variations! Dont forget to follow me on Instagram.

Happy Making

eitm 🌚

Boho Crochet Scrap Rug (P2)

Boho Crochet Scrap Rug

Sooooo…tomorrow turned into over a week later. I hadnt anticipated the wave of pure fatigue that swept over my mind-body after my 2nd dose of the Moderna Vaccine. The fatigue over took 2.5 days of my life, logging in 3 hours nap and marathon sleeping nights. So, I apologize for the delay. Guess I need to start underpromising or start batching posts (goals!).

But, it’s done! Finally, it’s done. I feel like it was an albatross. It was so difficult working the pattern out from just looking at some old photos of it as I no longer have the actual rug. Plus, the little rope puffs, that make it so boho, proved to obscure what kind of crochet stitch I had used.

There are only 7 rounds to add onto part 1, but let me reiterate some tips:

Do crochet loosely. You will crochet loosely. That is your mantra. 😊

Do make sure each scrap piece is overhand knotted together tightly.

Do make sure to help push the knots through the stitches

And Do enjoy the process. Crocheting is fun. It’s calming. It is rewarding

Part 2 of The Pattern. Using same hook from part 1

(beg = beginning)

Round 6: ch 4, skip 1, sl st in 3rd st, ch4, skip 1, sl st in nxt st all the way around. (17 ch4’s)sl st in top of first beg ch4

The way it should look after round 6

R7: ch3, 3 DC’s on each ch4 from previous round all the way around, sl st join to beg ch3

After Round 7

R8: ch 2, sc in every chain all the way around, sl st join to beg ch2

R9: ch 3, DC in same ch3 space and DC in nxt 9 stitches, 2DCs in every 10th ch, repeat this all the way around, sl st join to beg ch3

R10: ch3, dc + ch1 all the way around, sl st to join to beg ch3

R11: ch4, DC in every chain all the way around, sl st to join to beg ch4

After Round 11

R12: (this differs from the original rug, I cant tell what stitch I used at the end, but this one makes it look so much sweeter. 😊) ch3, skip a st, then sl st in next st, ch3, skip a st, then slip st in next stitch, repeat this process all of the way around, then, ch3 and sl st to join to beg.

Finishing touches, look on both sides of your rug creation and see which side is fuzzier. Then, pull through other bits of the unraveled pieces through to the same size for a more fuzzy look.

I threw mine in the wash and bleached it after I was done because many of the scraps dont have the same dye lot so I was trying to have it look more uniform. On the original one, I had washed and dried it at least three times so it was pleasantly white washed. This one, not so much just yet. Plus, I’ve added in a little gray and a little hunter green. I washed it on hot and dried it on normal just a little bit then I hung (hanged 🤷🏾‍♀️) it to finish drying so that it didn’t shrink too much.

If you’d like to dye this rug, it will take on dye really well because cotton is a natural fiber. So have at it!

Lastly, I’ll be posting monthly updates of the growing and growing of this rug. So stay tuned. And if you need a skein of this scrap rope ‘yarn’, let me know. I can make some up and post for sale in my Etsy shop.

Happy Making 🌚🌙