Technique Tuesday: Criss Cross

Hiya! It’s another Technique Tuesday and yay!, it’s on Tuesday instead of Wednesday today. Haha! It’s under two minutes as most tech tuesdays are.

Criss Cross Technique

Sorry I dont have an example of it being done in a wall hanging, but truly, you can figure out how to generalize the technique to your work. There is the example at the beginning of the video of it done in a macrame festival top (the boho warrior).

Technique Tuesday Criss Cross

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I made this and gave it to a friend. I want it back now. Haha

It’s Sunday, and what the heck, why not drop in randomly with a post for you! Hope all is well in your neck of the neighborhood. I’m up with insomnia slash my-son-wakes-me-up-and-it’s-driving-me-crazy! 😫

Y’all, I am asking Santa for sleep this xmas. I am so sleep deprived that it’s wearing on me. Not so much wear and tear that I cant stop, wont stop craftlife. 😂

When I’m awakened, usually after about 3 hours of sleep, the wheels start turning. What project can I work on in the dark for like 30m and go back to sleep? Or should I steel away to my crafterroom and shoot a video tutorial? (Have you followed my YouTube yet?! 📺). Or should I work on going back to sleep like a regular everyday adult? Usually, crafting wins. But I need sleep! Or do I need to write this blog post?

Keeping it light in the dark here (yep, typing in the dark, 🤫). Of course, I have like 4, 5, errr 80 projects going right now. For real, 80, ok wait, drop the 0, 8 is enough. But let me tell ya about the projects Ive finished this week.

Boho Scrap Shoulder Bag

Crochet with soft leather adornment. Pattern almost done.

Macrame Bralette

I figured out how to make a different macrame button style. Releasing style soon on here

Macrame Cup How To

Tutorial is on my YouTube

Polymer Clay Plant Display

How to coming this week for yinz! Just add plants 🌱 to propogate!

Patchwork Macroknit Cardi B

It’s in the WIP phase currently, but writing pattern as I go you readers 👊🏾

So, there ya have it. The results of insomnia and craftmania. And just as soon as my child goes to therapy tomorrow, I will be a craftin’ fool. My crafting is your gain.

Wanna share your craftings? Or sometbing you’ve made from reading eitm? I would be elated to see! Just dm me in Instagram or heck, I take emails, too.

Til Technique Tuesday,

Athena of eitm 🌚

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Technique Tuesday on Wednesday

Macrame Photo Display

Woah! Time has certainly gotten away from me lately. I didnt even keep up with posting Technique Tuesday yesterday. 😬 Yet do not dismay. I have it here for ya now! Just tryna keep ya on your toes and coming back for more! But heck, here’s a lil 🤫 secret…it’s been on my YouTube for over a week now. Round of applause ahh yeaah!

So, I show ya how to make a macrame photo frame in the tutorial. Here it is 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 as promised in last post.

I love my macrame lil photo frame. Mine is hanging in my bedroom and has a picture of my old bandmate and I rockin’ out like 9 years ago. So sweet. Maybe you will find the perfect photo for yours.

In other news, I have been posting twice a week on the YouTube (subscribe please and thankie (Ellainthe Moon (yes there is a space, someone had ella in the moon already 😿)). One of my videos is almost at 2k views in less than a month. I’m gobsmacked and it has lit a fire under me to keep pumping out great tutorials.

I have a macrame guitar tutorial coming and a macrame book holster tutorial coming as well (pictured in last post). I’ll be sure to notify yinz before I post so be sure to check here weekly. I’m gonna try and get this blog back organized into sections in the next 7 days for easier navigating. A tantamount task for sure, but easier for readers.

Until Friday,

eitm 🌚

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5 Macrame Home Goods I Love

Smart Huh?! Gonna try this. Both the picture frames and the guitar holster. Been meaning to put my acoustic somewhere.
Island RM on Etsy

How Sweet! Corner storage is so hard to come by! HarperandMay on Etsy
Lots of these out there on Etsy. Easy to recreate, too.
Always need more wall storage. Gonna do a YouTube how to on this. Couldnt find this IG though.

Hope you love these 5 curated macrame home goods. I am doing a video how to on the first and last ones for next week. Any rope will work for both and two dowels.

To be continued,

ellainthemoon 🌚

Technique Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Yay! Want to learn a new technique in under 3 minutes?! Hell yeah!

I use unraveled tri braided 3mm cotton rope for this. You can truly do this skill with any kinda rope though. Also, my foraged wood piece is mounted on an ikea clothing organizer which costs under $12.

And there is an affiliate link at the bottom (which I may earn a commission on) if you would like to purchase the same rope and brand I use for many of my projects, including the Boho Scrap Rug. They are inexpensive and ship reasonably fast from Ohio. Also, you can just go to their site if you want to buy in bulk and save even more.

Happy Learning,


Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back

Process photo

Hi all! 👋🏾 Hope this finds everyone hydrated, cool and happy. I feel for any readers in the West of the United States. The wildfires and heat have been out of control and downright scary. Climate change has always been a thing but it is certainly showing itself to be quite a force lately. My thoughts are with those in the drought.

I have been a crafting fool lately! Crocheting, macrame knotting and a return to some knitting. Oh, and sewing! I upcycled an H&M top recently and am adding super cool patches to a skirt I am reselling on my Depop! I’ll share that realm with y’all by week’s end if your curious (and even if you arent. 😆 haha).

Step by step tutorial photos

I have finished SO MANY PROJECTS in the last week that I will share and I am so pumped to finally record episode 4 of the Ella in the Moon podcast on YouTube.

Macrame Festival Skirt (short version)

So, yes, things and creations and ideas are happening, but what I came here today for was to let you know that part 2 of the Macrame Festival Skirt is live! This skirt is so sweet and boho. It can be thrown on over your swimwear at the beach and make you look effortless. And it can be made in any size and look great. Just add 4 more left square knots or 16 more strands of Bernat Dec Maker Yarn to size up.

Here is the link if you want to make it.

Come back later today for Technique Tuesday where I go over how to do a macrame knotting technique. I present them every other Tuesday.

Yes, that’s a crochet hook in my hair. Fun with the love of my life.

Until then,

eitm 🌚

Macrame Festival Skirt Part 1

eitm Macrame Festival Skirt in black

Well, well, well, I am back and I have uploaded part 1 of the Macrame Festival Skirt DIY. It is actually uploading right now, but by the time I have hit “Publish” on this post, it will be up! I hope. Gosh, the videos take soo long to upload. I’ve really gotta figure out how to supercharge uploads. I could get so much more done, and you could have so many more tutorials if the WIFI were faster here, AND I had a better tech set up. I am working on it though. Goals!

I have been making this particular skirt for like 5 years now, and I have been wanting to release the pattern for a while. I have grown tired of making the same items over and over again, not because I do not love having people buy something I have created, yet because it takes a really long time. Also, I want folks to be able to make things themselves because I believe, and hear me out, I believe that folks cherish things more and value things more if you make it yourself. I’m all about the MIY ethos.

Part 1: The Front

Making it yourself breaks down on fast fashion, which I hate. Yes, I said it, I hate fast fashion. I surf on the “climate change is real” wave, and have been for a while. But you didn’t come here to be preached at I presume. You come here for the ideas, and the tutorials.

The macrame festival skirt is perfect to throw on at a festival (if we ever get to have them again!), like Burning Man or Bonaroo or whatnot. IDK. It also is even more perfect for the beach. Throw the long or short version on over your swim suit, and you can look fantastically boho and not get too hot while having a drink on the beach or beachside. It looks great on all shapes and sizes, AND did I mention it dries fast?! I think I did.

Anyhow, this skirt should take you around 2 hours if you are an intermediate macramer, and probably 5 hours if you are not. It’s easy to get used to the alternating square knots, but the back of it is tricky, and I haven’t posted that video yet. Really, the cutting of the rope pieces takes the longest.

Bernat Dec Yarn

You can read the description box in the YouTube tutorial for information as I have cut lengths and sizing information. And, use the link below to get the yarn. (It’s an affiliate link so I may get a small amount if you purchase). This yarn sells out very quickly, so don’t procrastinate. I had to shut my Etsy shop down for over two months due to this yarn selling out (which wreaked havoc in my SEO and sales) and pandemic supply problems. It’s so perfect for home decor and macrame summer items. It is machine-washable, and I use it in a lot of my creations.

So, go and check out part 1 and hopefully, I can finish editing and uploading part 2 by day’s end tomorrow. I am going to take a little bit longer and add some voice overs (new thing I have had to learn, oh tech is so hard😫). I am constantly trying to refine this blog and the video creation and editing, so I thank you for your patience.

Happy Making

eitm 🌚

Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag 🌚

Version 1 Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag

Welcome Back, followers and crocheters and makers, oh my! I have a lovely summer ready handbag ready to present to you via video snippets and the pattern. I’m so excited to share it here first because y’all are “my fam” so to speak and I feel like things should come to the blog first. That’s the perk of coming back weekly (thank you!).

This sweet, grab-and-go crochet half moon mandala handbag (technically, it’s a little over ‘half‘ moon) is made out of inexpensive JoAnn Fabrics’ “Big Twist” yarn. It’s soft, durable and chunky. It’s a bulky 6, and consists of mostly cotton and some polyamide. I had to use a skein and a half to create and 2 floral rings.

Version 2: Roomier

The bag should take you 2-3 hours total to make if you are an intermediate crocheter. It is worked in a round and then in a half round kinda. So, with no further ado, please check out the pattern below and the video snippets (if you need to see how some of it is done).



◦ Crochet Hook size K/6.5mm

◦ Big Twist Textile Skeins (2)

◦ 2 Floral Rings (10 inch)

◦ Scissors

◦ Fabric glue (optional)

◦ Scrap liner fabric (optional)


◦ Single Crochet (SC)

◦ Double Crochet (DC)

◦ Half Double Crochet (HDC)

◦ Bobble Stitch (Bobble)

◦ Slip Stitch (Sl St)

◦ Chain (Ch)

◦ Stitch (St)

◦ Next (nxt)


•10 rows and 60 sc’s per 4 inch swatch

•Turn at the end of rounds after bobble stitch round

Bobble stitch is with one loop on hook, yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (3 loops on your hook), yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (5 loops on the hook), yarn over, insert into stitch, pull up a loop (7 loops), then yarn over and pull thru all 7 stitches

The Pattern

Ch 5, Sl St to join

Round 1: Ch 2, SC in center circle all the way around (10)

Round 2: Ch 3, Bobble stitch in same space as ch3, and all of the way around (12)

Round 3: (this will be only 3/4 around ((half moon)) Ch 3, 2DC in nxt Ch, then 3DC’s in each CH space around (30), *Turn*

Row 4: Ch 3, HDC in each St til end (30) then Turn.

Row 5: Ch 4, Triple Crochet in every st til end (32), then Turn.

Row 6: Ch 3, DC in same st and then 2DC in every stitch til end (62), Turn.

Row 7: Ch 3, DC in every st all the way around (62), leave small tail and cut.

Yay! You are done with one half moon, now make a second one.

Next, you can either slip stitch in every stitch (62) around to connect both halves for version 1 OR continue on for more space. Obviously, you will have to cut and tie in the loose end. I just used my same hook to do this.

Version 2:

Now, you will work the middle connecting base section, which is worked in rows.

Ch 8, then HDC in 2nd st from hook, (6), turn

Rows 1-42, ch 2 and HDC in each stitch across (6), then turn

Leave 6 inch tail and use to connect to back or front at top of half moon. See photos.

To connect all together, you will Single Crochet connect the middle piece to front and back half moon mandalas all the way around the ring. There is a snippet in the video on how to do this.

*For the liner, I simply traced the half moon shape of the bag and cut out a template from old fabric I had laying around. I used fabric glue to attach it. Make sure to move in 1 inch from your tracing or the fabric will show to much on the outside.

Roomy, isn’t it?

The bag is so tote-like, yet handbag at the same time. The yarn or tarn is durable, yet soft. It also provides a lot of structure so that the mandala moon stays design-sound.

I hope you make one! And share your photos with me here or on Instagram (or via email I’ll have some available for purchase soon if you’re all “I dont feel like making!”

Remember, comment or email any questions and feel free to reproduce for sell, just be sure to credit eitm.

Happy Making,


Technique Tuesday 🌚

Keeping my promises here on another Technique Tuesday! Huzzah! I’m typing this up just under the buzzer. Video has been done, so certainly ahead of the game there. What’s with me and the sports analogies?! Guess you can injure the athlete, but not the sport out of ‘em? Damned roller derby ankle!

Anyhooter, for Today’s Technique Tuesday (or is today Monday? 🤔), I am sharing a video clip of an upcoming macrame festival skirt tutorial. It’s how to make V shapes in your macrame work.

V shapes for Festival Skirt using Diagonal Half Hitch or Double Half Hitch

I use Bernat Dec Maker Yarn in the tutorial because I am making a skirt, but you can use the same exact skill to make your macrame creation(s) with rope or cotton cord or whatever ya wanna call it. With rope, things are more rigid, so great for home decor. The yarn is good for festival and summer wear. It has a lot of movement and it dries quickly and can be washed unlike rope.

I do make items with cotton rope (see my Etsy), but I make sure to let customers know the one-of-a-kind item can only be dry cleaned. That’s the drawback. They can also be heavier than the yarn.

This technique, which we have kinda covered before is great for outlining shapes or making a line of demarcation so to speak. It’s good foe splitting things up or creating texture.

See the V’s that shape the ‘faux pockets’? This one is done with cotton rope.

So, enough ‘shop talk’ and enjoy the Technique Tuesday video. I’m batching posts latelt, well the videos, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check the blog every couple of days. A fire has been lit under me by the Universe, and that fire says “Be Consistent”. So be the change ya wanna see in yer Universe, nay, blog!

Happy Learning,


Psssst…tomorrow the crochet mandala half moon handbag pattern and video drops! Dont forget to check back

Macrame Air Plant Hanger 🌚

Macrame Air 🌱 Hangin’ off the wall

YouTube tutorial is LIVE! Here! I updated it in the nick of time before I had to rush my child to the ER (Uggghhh!). It’s 15 minutes long, and shows the whole process. You probably don’t even need to watch the whole vid as you will get the general gist, but perhaps, you will have to skip ahead for the different techniques. You can fit two cute little air plants in the holster-hanger, or even flowers.

I like options when I create things, and one’s imagination is the only limit! Make it in whatever color you would like. Want it bigger? Get a bigger Floral Ring and cut the rope longer. I used a 6 inch ring, but you could make a GINORMOUS one. Hey, maybe I should do that! Maybe not, it does need to affix to the wall. Hmmm…

On the wall.

So, the YouTube for the Macrame Air Plant Hanger being finished (or is it Holster instead of Hanger, idk?!) and uploaded on my channel (please subscribe or like), what else do I have in store? I have almost completed the written instructions and video snippets for my Crochet Mandala Handbag! Woo hoo! A photo is up on my IG (do you follow me!….yet, I know, not quite sure about me huh?). I just need to write the last row out, which I am going to do within the next 3 hours whilst my son is at day therapy. It looks pretty fantastic! And it’s so quick to grab for a date night (oh, I kinda remember those, maybe not), or a brunch with your best pals. It’s made of soft, easy to work up “Big Twist” yarn from Jo Ann’s (not a sponsor…yet). I am carrying it today actually.

Oh and wait wait! There’s more! I also have a Macrame Scrap Boho Bag almost finished! I just need to go and find some leather straps at our local Peddler’s Mall (my favorite place in Georgetown, KY) or should I just use tri-braided rope instead? I go back and forth over being vegan-friendly, and/or trendy. I guess, I’ll just use rope to make it easier as not everyone has access to the various colors of leather straps that I can get here in cow-nation.

One last thing, errrr, two last things though! I am determined to finish the rest of the video tutorial for the Macrame Festival Skirt (I finished most of it over a month ago, what is up with me!), and I have the “Technique Tuesday” ready for your approval for tomorrow. And remember, all of the how-tos and items I share with you here, you can make them and sell them if you’d like at your lcoal craft fair or on your Etsy. Just be sure to credit ella in the moon because as you can see, it’s like pulling teeth to get these creations outta me lately. But, I ain’t going anywhere. I am already 20-somethings posts in! Woo hoo! Sorry this was a little loopy, but thanks if you made it this far. I need more coffee.

Hope Springs Eternal,

ella in the moon 🌚