Make: Dried Floral Letter 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

What am I doing on a Saturday Night during a Pandemic? Well, coming up with another DIY for my fellow crafters! 🌙😊

With the dog days of summer are waning, and fall quickly approaching, this DIY can be on your fall bucket list if you aren’t too busy. Heck, in writing this, it could easily be done with fallen leaves.

This DIY is very inexpensive and quick. You may find that working with the sticky glue can be tricky, but it is nothing a 2nd grader couldn’t handle with aplomb! You’ll just need 4 items, and most likely, you will have 2 out of the 4 around the house already.

Time it takes: approximately 15-20 minutes


Dried Flowers 💐

E6000 glue

A Particle Board Letter


So, it’s important that the flowers are dried out already. They will easily crumble so be very gentle with them. I had some crumble as I was making my letters, but it was kinda an easy fix. Just place more glue over the crumbly bits and add another petal.

Basically, you use a Q-tip and slather the glue on in 1 inch spots where you’d like to add dried flowers, then carefully arrange your flowers accordingly. I like to work from the corners and outside in, much like working a large puzzle. You’re just adding the petal pieces.

Feel free to add in some other greenery to your heart’s content. Truly, you are only limited by your imagination. The E6000 takes a while to dry, but when it does, you have a beautiful dried floral letter!

I made one large one as a housewarming gift and the other little L is going to spell out Lily for my step daughter.

Be sure and share what you make via Pinterest (follow Ella in the Moon) or Instagram (@ellainthemoon).

Happy Making!


Make it! Half Moon Granny Square Mask


Hi Y’all! My best laid plans of mice and Me to blog more regularly and to bring you all of the great DIYs that you will soon look back on and happily anticipate weekly, well, that has failed. 👈🏾And let’s not talk about the run-on sentence 😉.


Under the Pandemic, I have lot quite a bit of focus, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been furiously creating new items and creations.  It comes and goes in waves.  Maybe you can relate.  There are moments when all I can do is crochet stitch after stitch, or make a bajillion knots to create a fantastic yoga bag.  Then, there are moments where I am so exhausted from working from home, and taking care of my kiddo that there is no time to bring to life the creations and ideas sitting at the tip of my mind.  Finally, this week, I worked through the teeter-totter, and wrote out the pattern for the mask that gets me at least one, “I love your mask” per day.

With no further ado…The Half Moon Granny Square Mask 

I used Crochet Needle Size G/6 US, and in the UK 8

I used some cheap yarn from my stash, but obviously, it would be better to upgrade.  I used Sugar n’ Cream brand, which is a weight of 4,, below are the specifications, yet keep in mind, I crocheted with a G hook instead of the H because I needed it to be tighter knit.

Weight:  Medium (4)
Crochet Gauge:
13 sc – 14 rows = 4″ (10 cm)
Suggested Crochet Hook:
5.00 mm, US – H/8


sl st = sl st

st = stitches

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc  = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

tpc = triple crochet

Yo: yarn over

Puff stitch definition: with 1 stitch on your hook from ch2, yarn over, place in stitch, pull through, yarn over, place in stitch and pull through, do this 4 total times. (You will count 9 stitches on your hook before pulling through your last yo thru all 9)

Pattern is half rounds (if there be such a thing).

  • Make a slip knot and ch 4, sl st to join in a round
  • Ch 3, DC in same st and then each st across (total 12) sl st to join to top of ch 3
  • Color Change (connect new yarn by tying it to top of ch3, make a knot)
  • Ch 3, Puff St in same stitch + ch1, then puff st + ch1 each st around the circle (total 12 puffs) sl st to join
  • Color Change (connect new yarn by tying it to top of ch3 beside puff stitch, make a knot)
  • Ch 3, dc two times in first st with ch 3, and then 9 sets of 3 dc’s around in between puff stitches making a half moon shape.  total dcs (28 total), cut yarn
  • Color Change, add 3rd color. 
  • ch2, sc all the way around (total 28), then turn, ch3
  • Color change, use 2nd color again, add to the right side as we always work L to R
  • ch 3, dc 3x’s in next stitch + ch1, all the way around 42 dcs total or 14 clusters of 3
  • cut yarn, now, add first color yarn back on to left hand corner, where you just finished up the last round. 
  • ch 32, then fold your half moon mask in half and count up 14 stitches from outer edge (or put mask to your face and figure out where best to place strap connect), then sl st to connect, cut yarn. 
  • Add same color onto right most corner of bottom of half moon, ch 32, with mask still folded in half, pin point the same spot for connection as the other side, sl st to join.
  • finish over loose yarn by either using a smaller crochet hook to weave in ends, or an embroidery needle.  I used a crochet hook.
  • Now, wash your finished items and tumble dry it.  This will close up a lot of the holes.  The cotton will expand.
  • Last, and very important, add liner.  I just place a pre cut piece of cotton fabric, sometime fleece, on top of my mask and the fleece one just stays affixed.  I also used a folded in half coffee filter at times.  It does come off though when I take it off, so I have started to just affix two pieces of double sided tape.  Want to do it right, and not the lazy way like me?  Velcro!  Or hand sew on a piece of fabric.  You could just add 4 x’s at top, bottom, left, and right, and it will work perfectly!

add new color to left corner to do SC’s


Get ready for everyone under the sun to ask you where you got the mask or that they love it.  For realz!  In one day, 4 different shop owners of boutiques asked me about my mask (and two want to sell it).  Also, it is less hot than other sewn masks I have made imho. I’ll show ya one of those below. 


Tag me on instagram (@ellainthemoon) if you make one and let me know about all the compliments!

Happy Making,



Macrame Floral Display

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring! And all the blooms. Granted, we have had a very mild winter, but the dark, dark nights and the low light gets to me every year. And that’s with my embrace of Hygge and Vitamin D pills! 🤷🏾‍♀️

The great thing about this twilight of winter is that I have had a rush of creativity. I am not nearly as creative in the midst of summer, but winter’s slumber begets much making. And reinventing what is old into new.

I am ringing 2020 in with all the florals. I already remade my workspace wall with an assortment of floral pictures, paintings and prints (see 2nd photo below) so now, I bring you the macrame floral display! 🌺🌹🌸

Just add flowers. Dried or fresh. Throw out your vases (ok, not really) and embrace the knots.


I used 5mm three braided cord (chunky rope).

You will need a wooden dowel as well. Mine only measures 8 inches.

1. Take four cords and fold in half to make 8 total

2. Lark’s head mount the cords (measuring at least 12 inches) on dowel.

2. Tie 2 square knots from Left to Right

3. Marry the 4 innermost cords (3-6) from both knots and make a square knot in the middle

4. Now taking cords 1-4 and 5-8, make 2 more square knots (one on the left and one to the right)

5. Lastly we are gonna make a kinda pocket. Take the left most hanging cord and half hitch cords 2,3 and 4 onto it. Then, take the right most hanging cord (#8) and turn it to the middle and half hitch cords 7, 6, 5 in descending order on it. Make sure to pull tight and while doing so, making kinda pocket/pouch in the middle.

6. Finally. Take #1 and #8 that you mounted the cords onto and make a half hitch knot with #8 hitching over # 1 and secure with fabric glue or hot glue. Cut the ends to even it out and untwist for a softer vibe.

7. Arrange flowers in the pocket and flowers in the hole spots.

Or find another way for display like putting your flowers in a glass frame:

Or, getting creative with something you have around the house. I decided to take a Cedar disc that a neighbor had given me from his carpentry scraps and make a mini macrame pocket with it. I can change it out, add an airplant or dried flowers. 🌺🌸

Tag me on IG if you come up with a cool way of integrating dried flowers in your crafting this week! Just find me @ellainthemoon. Stay Healthy! 🌙