Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back

Hi all! 👋🏾 Hope this finds everyone hydrated, cool and happy. I feel for any readers in the West of the United States. The wildfires and heat have been out of control and downright scary. Climate change has always been a thing but it is certainly showing itself to be quite a force lately. MyContinue reading “Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back”

Simple Crochet Festival Skirt

What you will need: Summer is around the corner and maybe, just maybe, we can get out of our homes! So, before you head out pool side or beach side, make yourself this fancy-free crochet cover up skirt. It takes very little time. Less than 2 hours! 👌🏾 5.75mm Bernat Dec Home Maker Yarn  (5 Continue reading “Simple Crochet Festival Skirt”