Macrame Festival Top

It’s a holiday weekend here in US and I’ve been plugging away on finishing projects, aka “wips” in the fiber arts community. I finished one halter top, a crop top (size inclusive patterns coming soon), a new crochet summer bag and am in the middle of designing a macrame bag. So, I feel so relieved… Continue reading Macrame Festival Top


Hi followers, readers and craft-aficionados alike. Hope your May has been fantastic and everyone is able to ‘move about the cabin’ more. It has been some gorgeous weather here in Kentucky (and ColoRADo). I havent posted in a couple of weeks despite my best intentions. My birthday 🥳 and advancing another year has brought me… Continue reading 🌚May-Pause

Macrame Mandala Hoop

🙋🏾‍♀️ Hiya! Happy Saturday! Just poppin’ in to let ya know that I have a surprise make for ya! Click on the link (pssst…and subscribe) and make yourself a macrame mandala for your wall. Quick, simple and inexpensive. All of the information is included in the youtube tutorial and notes DIY Macrame Mandala Happy Making… Continue reading Macrame Mandala Hoop

Raffia Moon Summer Tote

Yinz (or y’all for my Southern readers), I’ve done it again. Yep, I did it! Made somethin’ else with ra-raffia! This is my 4th project with the same spool of raffia (gasp!). And I am over the moon (pun intended) with it! I can not wait to carry it out and see the stares of… Continue reading Raffia Moon Summer Tote

Boho Crochet Scrap Rug (P2)

Sooooo…tomorrow turned into over a week later. I hadnt anticipated the wave of pure fatigue that swept over my mind-body after my 2nd dose of the Moderna Vaccine. The fatigue over took 2.5 days of my life, logging in 3 hours nap and marathon sleeping nights. So, I apologize for the delay. Guess I need… Continue reading Boho Crochet Scrap Rug (P2)

Macrame, Oh My!

It’s April and things are in bloom! It makes me sooo happy. It’s time for planting and repotting, which got me to thinking about the many and varied plant hangers I’ve made over the past 6 years. A retrospective of sorts. I figured, hey, my readers may want to see some of ‘em. I mean… Continue reading Macrame, Oh My!

Boho Crochet Rag Rug (P1)🌚

Finally, it is here! Yes, I know a couple of you are quite excited as you were patiently awaiting this pattern. If I had written the pattern down when I created the original, then I could’ve posted it immediately, but no, always working backwards here <face palm>. Gotta definitely get my act together and write… Continue reading Boho Crochet Rag Rug (P1)🌚

Raffia Wall Hanging

Finally finished a project and I love it! 🥰 I have been working on it for months, but truly, it’s like a two hour project total. However, given I have a serious diagnosis of severe “shiny object syndrome”, I always have at least 5 wip’s (works in progress) in progress. This week though, I decided… Continue reading Raffia Wall Hanging

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