DIY Bubblegum Mirror and New Macrame Top

Hi Friends/Readers! Hope you are well in your neck of the woods and I hope you are “happy crafting”! Things are fine here in Kentucky except for the snap back to cold 🥶 and torrential rains. Also, I am 💔 heartbroken over what is happening in 🇺🇦 Ukraine. Like spend swaths of my day thinkingContinue reading “DIY Bubblegum Mirror and New Macrame Top”

The ‘Nada’ Prada Macrame Bag

Hey Everyone! Hope yinz are having a great week! I am finally feeling well lately and have hit the ground running with a bunch of video tutorial for my YouTube 📺 (pssst…!) and I am so pumped about the latest creation. It is a take on the Prada Macrame Bag that I saw on Pinterest.Continue reading “The ‘Nada’ Prada Macrame Bag”

Sustainable Sunday

Scrolling through old photos of creations from years ago in my macrame journey, I found this macrame hanging. As a person who really cares about and worries about the planet, y’all know I’m all about sustainability and we as macrame artists can do our part. The above piece has scraps of leather (and yes probablyContinue reading “Sustainable Sunday”