5 Macrame Home Goods I Love

Five Macrame Home Goods I Love ❤️

Technique Tuesday

It’s Tuesday! Yay! Want to learn a new technique in under 3 minutes?! Hell yeah! I use unraveled tri braided 3mm cotton rope for this. You can truly do this skill with any kinda rope though. Also, my foraged wood piece is mounted on an ikea clothing organizer which costs under $12. And there isContinue reading “Technique Tuesday”

Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back

Hi all! 👋🏾 Hope this finds everyone hydrated, cool and happy. I feel for any readers in the West of the United States. The wildfires and heat have been out of control and downright scary. Climate change has always been a thing but it is certainly showing itself to be quite a force lately. MyContinue reading “Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back”

Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag 🌚

Welcome Back, followers and crocheters and makers, oh my! I have a lovely summer ready handbag ready to present to you via video snippets and the pattern. I’m so excited to share it here first because y’all are “my fam” so to speak and I feel like things should come to the blog first. That’sContinue reading “Crochet Half Moon Mandala Handbag 🌚”

Technique Tuesday 🌚

Keeping my promises here on another Technique Tuesday! Huzzah! I’m typing this up just under the buzzer. Video has been done, so certainly ahead of the game there. What’s with me and the sports analogies?! Guess you can injure the athlete, but not the sport out of ‘em? Damned roller derby ankle! Anyhooter, for Today’sContinue reading “Technique Tuesday 🌚”

Macrame Air Plant Hanger 🌚

YouTube tutorial is LIVE! Here! I updated it in the nick of time before I had to rush my child to the ER (Uggghhh!). It’s 15 minutes long, and shows the whole process. You probably don’t even need to watch the whole vid as you will get the general gist, but perhaps, you will haveContinue reading “Macrame Air Plant Hanger 🌚”

🌚Technique Tuesday: First Edition

Welcome to the Inaugural edition of “Technique Tuesday” where I will share a new technique every other Tuesday of the month. It will be either crochet or macrame related how to technique. With my over 8 years of macrame creating (cant believe it’s been so long), I have a well of techniques I have hadContinue reading “🌚Technique Tuesday: First Edition”