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Hiya! How was your weekend?! If you are stateside, did you enjoy the warmer fall weather? Are you deep into the season of knitting and crocheting? Or even Macrame? I say macrame after because I have been burned out from it lately. I haven’t posted any Macrame tutorials for about a month or so now. It’s a shame, BUT I have been knitting and crocheting. Let me share some projects.

Made with Impeccable Yarn (I wrote the pattern as I worked)
On the hanger for my Depop shop
Another Impeccable Yarns project, Video Tutorial coming to YouTube this week. 😉
Knitting a sweater for my son, dropped a stitch 😬

But wait, there’s more!

Practicing a new crochet motif, and boy oh boy, it’s tedious and involved!

So, that’s a snippet of what I have been up to lately, but I really came here to share the written pattern for the Rococo Crochet Crop Top, so with no further ado, just see 👇🏾.

DIY Rococco Crochet Crop Top Pattern

This is meant as accompaniment to the YouTube Tutorial. * the video is Here

Premier Yarns Cotton Fair

Yarn Weight 2 Lace

Hook size: H (this is not the recommended hook for this kind of yarn, but it is what I used)

US Crochet Terminology

This pattern is worked in a round. And uses the following crochet stitches:

CH chain

SC single crochet

DC double crochet

Sl St Slip Stitch

Beg Beginning

* means repeat within *

Measure around your high waist (about 2 inches above belly button at lower rib cage) and chain enough to go around the high waist/rib cage plus 2.5 inches. You have to add the 2.5 inches because you have to pull it over your bust and shoulders.

So chain the measurement above + 2 inches, and add 2 or 3 more for an even number.

Without twisting chain, connect to first st with a slip stitch to join.

Round 1: ch 3 from sl st, then SC in every single stitch all the way around. Sl st to join at the top of the ch3

Round 2: ch3, DC in next St, then * [2DC, ch2, 2DC] in next st, skip 3 *, repeat from * to *, sl st to join to top of ch3 from beg.

Round 3: ch3, DC in nxt st, skip then [ 2dc, ch2, 2DC] in every ch2 of the previous round. So, you are going in the top of every ch2 from the previous round. Sl st to join at top of ch3

Rounds 4-19: repeat round 3 to desired bodice length. (End after sl st to join, then cut and tie in loose ends

Cold Shoulder Sleeves:

Fold bodice of sweater in half and grab some stitch markers. Count in 2 shells from where the arm pit will be on the left and right and place stitch markers.

Measure your arm area as this will determine how many chains for sleeve. Go from front of bicep to back of tricep (not under the arm) then add 1 inch. You are measuring a half circle of your arm.

Attach yarn and chain the measured amount. Connect at the back with slip stitch, then turn, keeping yarn to outside and sl st to join. Turn

Round 2: ch3, Skip 3, 2DC, ch2, 2DC in 4th stitch along sleeve chains til u get to the front, sl st to bodice, then continue on attaching to underneath/underarm with [2DC, ch2, 2DC] Basically, you will be working the [2DC, ch2, 2DC] into the ch2 from the last round of shells in the bodice around under arm. You are now working in a round and getting back to the first 2dc, ch2, 2dc of the sleeves.

Round 3-7: Slip st to beg ch3, *ch3, and begin [2dc, ch2, 2dc] in previous rounds’ ch2 space (center of shell) * Continue from * to * for desired sleeve length. It is IMPORTANT to make sure that as you are working the cuff/sleeve that you make sure you are working away from the opening. Make sure you are going around and around where your bicep/triceps are. If you get confused, please refer to the video.

To end, use scissors to cut yarn leaving small tail and tie in loose ends with smaller crochet hook.

Repeat the sleeves section for opposite side.

Questions, just comment or message me at

Hope you make one. The feel of this top is amazing.

Athena 🌙

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