So Many Projects, So Little ⏰

Playing around with my former band mate/best friend in Louisville

Greetings Crafters! How are you? I’ve been having a pretty chilly Sunday finally, and it couldn’t have come sooner. The return of fall is a lifesaver! The heat this summer, and the return of terrible hot flashes have left me retreating to my bed. Sure, we have AC, but I need cold air literally blasting on my face at all times. I am barely surviving.

I’d love to hear if any other crafters out there are having a terrible experience with the change of life like me. The health challenges of Perimenopause feels so alienating. 😞

Reflecting on my Macrame Journey lately

I have been creating though, in between severe diaphoresis bouts. I have one completed crochet top mock up, another one to test the pattern, another in a different color to sell and finally started a new macrame project and started the tutorial.

And wait, there’s more! I created a new Etsy for only patterns (you can see it here), and added some items to by Woo Commerce shop here! I want to finally get the 100s of patterns in written form so that I can really start making a living from my knowledge in craft. I’m starting small with accessories and small home goods, then I’ll begin releasing wearables. They are more involved and have to be tested.

Crochet works in progress
So many projects!
Macrame Top
New Macrame Design in Progress (needs some tweaks)

So, that’s why I titled this “so many projects, so little time ⏰ “. In writing this, I am realizing that as women, we have to work through the pain. And as a creative, creativity is limitless even when you feel limited. I have to believe that. How about you? Sound off in the comments or shoot me an Insta DM.

Knot done,

Rachella (aka Athena)

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