Feeling Punchy?

Hola! Hey girl hey! It’s Thirsty Thursday as the saying goes! I’m enjoying the weather this AM with it being in the low 60’s. It has been so unbearably caliente lately, what with climate change and all. I have had to post up under my fan and AC it up!

Enough about the weather lately though, cause it’s gonna do what it’s gonna do. I have been feeling a bit punchy lately! And by punch, I mean I’ve got the ‘ol Oxford punch needle out and I’ve made a couple of things. Just trying to use up some of the aida cloth I have laying around.

Waxing and Waning.

I didn’t actually cut the aida cloth long enough for the click frame. Also, I really don’t like click frame. I prefer to staple cloth to a wood frame.

I am gonna fill in around the moons above and I’ll update my blog with the finished project in a few days.

Recommend this book, just click on it to buy

I have shared a few of my punch needle projects on here, and I do enjoy punching. I would love to have one of those hi-tech tufting guns. (Tufting is the same as punch needle as is rug hooking unless you are latch hooking).

In the book above, Rose Pearlman goes over so many super cute projects you can do with the punch needle. I really wanna make a handbag and probably will very soon. She gives you all the bells and whistles as to how to start and finish your projects so if you are thinking of taking up punch needle this fall, I recommend it. I made a super cute wall punch for my friend a few years ago and she loved it.

From Rose Pearlman’s IG

This is one of my favorite works that I have seen lately on Etsy:

There’s also a “Welcome to Punch Needle“ course from Hello Hydrangea. I took her course and definitely recommend it. I’m about to add the below abstract punched piece to a tote bag.

Reading this now.

Have you tried punch needle? Are you using the Oxford or another brand? What size(s) are you using? If you’re looking for books and wanna help this blog out, be sure to check out my recommendations at bookshop.org here.

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