🪡 ReWork or Nah? 🪡

Hi everyone! Hope you are thriving on this weekend and getting your #wips done. I have had a pretty stressful week, and I realize one of the only thing that sets my mind at ease is fiber art and crafting. I look forward to having time to enjoy my handiwork, as opposed to job work. Maybe you can relate?

One kinda work I’ve also been enjoying lately is “ReWork”-ing clothes. I’ve had a sewing machine for a while, and I love reading many a blog of sewists who re-fashion clothing. Plus, it goes along with my sustainabilty vibe. I’ll update this post with some of my favorite sewists’ blogs and YouTube channels if you are interested.

My latest rework

Anyhow, above you should see my most recent ReWork, and one of my latest YouTube tutorials. I use “tutorial” loosely though. Below, you can see some of my previous upcycles that have sold or are for sale currently. Just trying to keep the content coming to keep y’all engaged!

Reworked old dress into a whimsygoth crop top with ribbon ties

Would love to hear or see any of your ReWorks? Just comment or message me on IG or TikTok. And below are some of my previous re-works.

Added quilted pockets
Was a dress. Had the wrong needle so some puckering at bottom. Ho hum.

With thread,

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