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What does Mandala mean?

Hi Everyone! How’s your weekend going?! Want a freebie? Sure ya do. Here’s a free Mandala pattern just for you. Thanks for stopping by eitm.

Mandala on 6 inch hoop

Just want to share something with you. I looked into the meaning of mandala. I wanted to know the meaning as I knew it wasn’t english in it’s origin and I am drawn to creating them. So, this definition is taken from invaluable.com. “It can be thought of in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide, specifically in Hindu or Buddhism. The belief is that by entering the mandala and proceeding towards its center, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe from one of suffering into one of joy and happiness.” What a beautiful idea! No wonder mandalas speak to so many of us!

May you turn your suffering to joy and happiness.

And with no further ado, let’s get Mandala May-nia under way with our first crochet mandala pattern. (I will also be doing a macrame one).

Crochet Mandala Pattern 001

US terms. Sc= single crochet//dc = double crochet ch = chain st = stitch sk = skip rnd = round

Boye 5mm/H hook ergonomic

4 Medium weight cotton yarn

Magic Circle, ch2, 10 single crochets into circle then slip st to join at top of ch2. (10)

R2: ch3, Double Crochet (US) in same stitch, 2 DC’s per stitch all the way around then slip stitch to join (20)

R3: ch4, skip 2, single crochet in next stitch, ch4, then, [repeat skip 2, ch4 , sc in nxt st] all the way around 6x’s, sl st at bottom of ch4 (7 sc’s)

Rounds 2-7

R4: ch3, 5 DC’s onto ch4 from previous round, ch1, *[5DCs onto next ch4, ch1] repeat from * all around 6xs, sl st at top of ch3 to join (35DCs incl ch3)

R5 ch3, skip 1 st and space, ch3, sk 1 stitch repeat all the way around (ch 1 space counts as a stitch). Sl st to join ar bottom of ch3 (20x’s)

R6 ch4, sl st on next ch3, *[ch3, sl st on nxt ch3 from prev rnd)repeat from *all the way around, sl st to at bottom of ch4 to join

R7 ch4, single crochet onto prev ch3, then ch4 , sc onto next ch4 repeat all the way around, sl st to join on first ch4

R8 ch5, sc onto prev rnds ch4, repeat ch5 + sc onto prev rnds ch4, sl st to join

R9 ch4, 4DC’s onto ch5 from prev rnd, *skip over single crochet and 5 DC’s onto next ch5, repeat the whole way around from * (19 clusters)

To finish, I did a single crochets on the hoop all the way around. Then, I cut 19 pieces of yarn to 6 inches and tied them around the hoop at the middle of the 5 DC cluster so that it kinda makes it pointy in the middle. It also pulls the work out for a beautiful mandala.

Want it to be more dazzling? Then use a premium or shiny yarn! I used leftover lily’s sugar & cream yarn which is pretty cheap. Gotta stash bust.

circle back soon,

eitm 🌙

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