The Color Purple Crochet Crop Top 🧶

Gah! I’ve made a blunder. I forgot to share with yinz the color purple crochet top I finished over two months ago. Please forgive me for the great oversight. I try to share my latest creations here first as opposed to my YouTube. I’ll chalk it up to my terrible hot 🥵 flashes.

The Color Purple Crop Top

Anyhow, the movie “The Color Purple”, from the book by Alice Walker, is a beautiful movie and I wanted to create something timeless and beautiful like it’s story. Yes, it is very depressing in the first part of the story, yet not unlike most of my favorite movies, there is a redemption arc. It moves me to tears everytime I watch it. And it is a film filled with the stories of black folks and as a black American, many are trying to erase our stories in history. We shall not let them.

So, this top is made with ultra pima cotton from Cascade Yarns and the purple of the Cascade Yarns is just like the flowers in the fields of the movie, hence, the name. Inspiration can truly strike anywhere!

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