🤩My Latest Macrame Festival Piece is Ready!👇🏾

Hi, Hi, Hi! So excited! My latest video pattern tutorial is up on Youtube! I finally posted it yesterday after much ado. What a relief it is to finish another project. Whew!

There she is! The latest. 🤩

So, it is pretty fantastic and more involved than my last two Macrame offerings. It has a ton of square knots so nothing out of the ordinary. Then, along the rib cage we finish up with some clove hitches aka horizontal double half hitches (my favorite knot 😉).

You will need to grab a lighter for part 2 which drops tomorrow. It’s not very long so don’t worry. You just have to do some cuttin’ and burnin’ to finish and complete the straps.

I am itching to wear it out, somewhere, anywhere!

A little note on this piece. It does have a “skirt” for lack of a better term, but it is only on the sides. Basically, I ran out of the rope, so I had to improvise. Any new or old knotter can make up something for the bottom part though. I recommend using one of my existing macrame festival skirt patterns, which are also on YouTube. Just be sure to order 3 rolls of the rope instead of 2.

The piece has WONDERFUL movement, so it is perfect for a dance or music festival. Heck, I may wear mine out for the Latin fest next week and truly show off it’s rope-a-dope style! (That was a nod to Muhammed Ali). Haha!

Anyhow, I’m really proud of this piece. I feel like I didnt just “phone it in”, and really created something sturdy, intricate and gorgeous. I hope you make one and shine bright like a diamond.

Knots and all,


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