DIY Macrame Festival Piece

Beginner Friendly!

Hello, Ola! How are you crocheters and macrame-ers. Knotting it up or knot really doing much? I have to pun, it’s just too easy with the knot term.

Things have been busy in my world. I have been having some child care challenges, which has completely disrupted my day and my creating. I’m sure many of you Moms out there can relate. It is very disconcerting. I feel like I am running in place. Like, I want to do more tutorials and update this site, but life just keeps saying “no, you can’t”. Plus, the hot flashes of perimenopause are back with a vengeance. So, not only are my day not craft-productive, but my nights are sleepless and sweaty. Ugggghhh😵‍💫

Enough woe is me. I did manage to create and upload a new tutorial. It’s a one skein creation, which is nice for those on a budget, and those who do not have the patience or time to create something pretty involved. However, if you want it to be a 2 skein project, with a fully-realized skirt, then you can do that, too. A win-win situation. 🏅

Model Kinah is wearing Gold 4-5mm cord from Perfect Yarns on Etsy

Here is the link if you wanna make it or just go to the main page of my blog and it pop’s right up!

Oh, and as a general note, I am working over this month to fix all of the broken links and archive useless old posts. I know there are some bugs, but just know I am working to fix them. And I will have the payment system updated to take payments for products soon.



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