It’s Always Sunny…☀️

Hi Makers! How is it going? I have been soo happy latelt because Spring has arrived! I know not everyone is in this neck of the woods, but for those of us who are, it’s like the dawning of a new age. I feel reborn!

Frolicking in “It’s Always Sunny” Dress

I have been macraming and crafting maniacally with the return of warm weather and birds a-twitter. So many projects being videoed for release to the YouTube! And a couple of written patterns for here 🤫.

I used wool and the gang tina tape yarn

The “It’s Always Sunny Macrame Dress” is live on YouTube RN so go, go, go and watch for at least 30 seconds and help a sista out. My patterns are free currently, and I’s like to keep it that way.

Springing Ahead,


p.s. and yes, I do love the show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Comedy & Pennsylvania will always have my heart.

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