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👋🏾 hiya! Tryna get to the next post in the “National Crafting Month” (fail!) series within this month. Procrastination is real! So, let’s chat Punch Needle or rug hooking. It can also be called tufting yet I reserve that for when one uses the tufting gun.

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Anyway, have you tried it? I kinda love it, but do I need another craft?! Say “No, no Athena you do not.”

Punch Needles and Snap frame

Anyhow, the absolute first punch needle project I made turned out really cool. I used the Oxford Punch Needle which I procured from “The Woolery”. I had tried to find an Oxford Punch Needle elsewhere, but all the places were sold out during the heart of the Pandemic. Luckily, I live near the Woolery as I mentioned in the last post.

My first project was a gift for my former band mate and current best friend. We used to say “get in” at mic check before our rock shows to get the crowd to come forward and it just became a joke.

My Groovy First Project

My next two projects were terrible and I showed the one on my YouTube Podcast. I punched too close and had too many punches per inch. I figured that out by finally reading the punch needle manual (it took 10 minutes), and purchasing Lindsey Campbell’s Punch Needle Course “Welcome to Punch Needle”.

I also finally bought Rose Pearlman’s 📕 which is beautifully shot and wonderfully detailed.

Recommend 🤘🏾 shoppable image

My next project was way more abstract and still needs framed. I drew a design on the back of monk’s cloth and pulled out some old chunky yarn. See below.

Abstract and Amorphous

Fast forward to last month when I decided to pull out some cloth and my plastic frame (which I dislike, use a wood frame and staples instead) to make a rendering of a picture I had colored from a self help coloring book. The picture is below and then the reality (you can 😂).

Lol. I’m still gonna frame it though.

I think for my next project, I’ll make a mini purse with the directions in Pearlman’s book. Seems simple enough and I already have a grey leather strap sitting around for a handmade bag. I definitely will use monk’s cloth again instead of the rough burlap. And, for once, I’ll sketch the design in advance.

Assortment of Tufted Pillows at a Boutique

So, are you ready to punch or tuft? It’s not a sharp learning curve like with other crafts imo and you just need some leftover chunky yarn and a starter kit that could include a punch needle, cloth and embroidery hoop. Let me know if you’ve tried it!

Rolling with the Punches,


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