😊 Happy National Craft Month 😊

Focus on Weaving

Hello/Hola! How are yinz? It’s National Craft Month! Are you crafting? And if “hell yeah!”, what craft are you engaging in lately? Or are you just craft-curious? Or are you like me in that your vibe is All-OF-THE-CRAFTS? No matter which of the above 👆🏾 you are, there is room for all here on EITM.

Let’s fireside chat about Weaving, Punch Needle (aka Tufting), and Macrame in this miniseries of posts. I have endeavored in all three with a fervor at some point in my 9 year craft-obsession career. Join me at the Loom.

My First Weaving Book

Weaving was my first craft crush. I made a tiny little woven wall hanging or two or three that I attempted to sell on Etsy til I realized no one needed to buy them (and no one did thankfully).

Then, I decided learn how to weave on YouTube, Next, I followed some wonderful Weavers on Pinterest and Insta (Maryanne Moodie and Natalie Miller 🤩) along with crushing on Lindsey Campbell of Hello Hydrangea’s beautifully works. I even bought her book a few years back and made one of my favorite pieces into a cute little crochet hook holder.

My well-worn mini woven crochet hook pouch

The Weaving journey continued when my Ex- made me a sweet little loom as a bday gift which was very thoughtful of him. I love handmade, useful gifts. Then, he bought me a weaving course at the Woolery for Christmas. It just so happens to be one of the biggest suppliers of looms, yarn and craft stuffs for all of the US and beyond (and only a 20m car drove away). I never got to take the course. I still have the receipt gift card for it. 😢 It fell on the same weekend as my all-star derby game (we lost terribly, ughhh). Then, I realized I don’t have the true gusto for weaving. Much respect for the Weavers out there though. I just found it so tedious, which the same can be said for macrame.

Here are the links for Intro to Weaving above and Maryanne Moodie’s book, On the Loom. I may earn a small commission that will help me keep blogging and your purchase directly supports local bookstores.


I have added weaving to some of my macrame pieces. Then, I stopped doing wall hangings all together. My attention-span moved on to Macrame, but that’s our next “Craft Month Series” post.

Anyhow, to the weavers out there, I applaud you. I’m too flight apparently. I do love to look at the beautiful weavings you make. 😊

If you want to dive in, I do recommend Lindsey’s book and Maryanne’s is on my wishlist. Oh and I forgot to mention Anne Weil! I follow her blog and she is another modern weaver.

I’d love to hear from you via the comments, tik tok or Insta if you are a weaver. And do you find it takes more time than macrame or another craft?

~eitm 🌙

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