Macrame Peek-a-Boo Top

Sold version of the top

Well, well, well, I finally have something to share on here. It has been a while. How are yinz? Barely making it or thriving? I hope the latter for you, as I am definitely the former. Still here in 2023, struggling with the awful frigid weather that makes me unmotivated and depressed. But enough about me, and my inconsistency slash“woe-is-me” moodu, here is the pattern and notes for the latest top as promised to the YouTube crowd.

Macrame Peek-a-Boo Top
Small/Medium/Large/XL/XXL cords, inches, knot count
Up close

Soo, there ya have it. My rough sketch and attempt at writing out the pattern for the top. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I do not actually get paid or charge for the patterns. And of course, the step-by-step video tutorial is on the YouTube @ellainthemoon



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