Wippin’ in the New Year 🧶

Y’all, I’m wippin’ it good in the New Year, how about you? How many projects have you started? Any? Or are you doing that whole organizing thing? I started organizing and Kondoing, then yarn and rope distracted me.

For any n00bs to the fiber world, I have written a definition for Wip.

Wip(n): a work in progress. Specifically, a craft project in progress.

I have 2 New Year wips: One macrame, one crochet. I guess I feel a burst of “i can do anything” right now, which will quickly fade. Actually, that is not entirely true. I have been fighting off some serious SAD (seasonal depression) and haven’t really wanted to do anything, until nightfall that is. I waste the whole day saying, “I’ll start working in an hour”, and several hours later I’m back in the bed dreading everything. Ugghhh.

I did manager to upload a process video tutorial to the EllaintheMoon YouTube, which took over two weeks. I debated whether I should even publish a video that is just my macrameing the Goth Realness piece.

Macrame Goth Realness

Miraculously, my mojo came back for like 2 hours after I came home from the gym (I am a gym 🐀 believe it or not). I started working on a new Macrame top design because Coachella is only 3.5 months away, and well, festival clothing is where I really thrive.

Outline for new Macrame Design

I’m using up some lovely Botchiknot Macrame Rope my niece gifted to me, and I think this latest top will be an under 2 hour DIY for Macramakers. Of course, shooting the video and knotting makes the whole process take twice as long for me.

In crochet news, I started off with a gusto on a new crochet top with rope I used for the NYE Fringe Top. I love the feel of this rope, and I’m curious as to how it will work out for crochet, specifically wearing the piece.

Crochet Pattern Writing

Definitely hoping to finish both this week. I will make no promises because winter 🥶. And let’s not even talk about the unfinished knit clown sweater creation or the patchwork crochet cardigan I haven’t worked on in weeks. If any readers have tips on staying on track, please share. I need the help!

Be sure to check the YouTube in a few days for the new pattern.

In knots,

eitm 🌙

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