MIY: Crochet “Chance of Flurries” Top ❄️

So soft, so wintry

Happy New Year Makers! I had a pretty good 2022, but 2023 is looking even better. I hope to make even more and get more patterns written up like I did in 2020. If you scroll around the website, you’ll see I had a massive drop off in makes presented on here. This was mostly due to my paying to get the website revamped (and I’m still figuring out the new system 😩) and partly due to Pinterest rewarding some of us in it’s beta Creator rewards program. Well, it’s gone now; they discontinued it. 😢

But when one door closes, another one opens, right? I’ve always known I need to really focus on my website more, and more importantly, I need to make it financially viable. So, that’s my New Year’s resolution (along with not saying LOL after everything like a tween).

So, posting more patterns and doing more videos, I will start uploading items to my Woo Commerce (see the “SHOP” button at the top). I will offer my favorite macramé ropes and some cross over yarns for macrame and crochet. In addition to a mini-course, patterns and some tools (my half moon crochet hook organizer).

In the meantime, check out this new Crochet “Chance of Flurries” Crop Top pattern right here. It is sooo easy to make and it only takes 1 skein! I used Loops and Thread Cozy Sherpa. It’s usually used for blankets, but I like to see materials differently.

If the video tutorial isn’t your vibe, then the pattern is available in the description box of the YouTube tutorial.

Tomorrow, I’ll show ya what I’m already working on in the New Year. Oh, and wait, there’s more…I’m gonna run a contest! My first one! Free rope, and macrame items to the winner! So, keep it knotty, and catch ya on the flip side.


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