🎊New Year’s Eve Macrame Top🎉

NYE Macrame Party Top

Hey Macramakers! Who’s ready for a New Year?! Or just a new Macrame pattern? Well, either way, if you are lucky, you get both! This year definitely beat the previous year? How about you? If not, it’s the perfect time to start planning.

Planning is something I really need to do better consistently. Maybe you can relate? I have ten bajillion ideas and only a 1/4 of them get done. It’s like my creative bug shuts completely down. The ideas are a-plenty, but the energy just isn’t there. But a New Year brings a renewal of motivation and intensity. Plus, I have done quite a few tutorials and videos in YouTube and Pinterest this year.

So, with no further ado, check out my latest how to NYE Macrame Top. I created a super slinky and fringe-fabulous gold top! Throw it on over whatever and shake, shake, shake all night long! It’s very Studio 54 a la Solid Gold (an 80s dance show for you Youngsters). The amount of movement in it is dancer-worthy.

Faux gold hoop necklace

The NYE Macrame Top whips up in about 3 hours and uses a hoop necklace as the neckline! It clicks on and off quickly. Then, just tie down below.

Customize yours, make it longer or add some fringe in the back

And can I tell ya this gold 2mm rope is my new favorite rope! It’s gorgeous, durable, slinky and inexpensive. I plan to buy more and create some fantastic summer items for y’all!

Anyhow, hope you are having some happy holidays. I’m just watching NFL football and laying on the couch in between potty-training my special little boy. And, about to shoot the video for my crochet “snow queen top” which is dropping in two days.

Happy Holidays,

Athena of eitm

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