Behind the scenes from the EitM Craftcast 🧶

🥶 Hello December! Hope you’re staying warm wherever you are in this vast globe. Yes, 🌎 because eitm is international. 🥳 I have readers from all over because crafting is a universal language, which is maybe something we need to weaponize for a more peaceful, humane planet. Just throwing out ideas!

I have been quite busy the past two months with multiple projects. I have had the good fortune to have been involved in the Pinterest beta rewards program recently, and I am shedding a tear for it ended. They have decided to discontinue it. So, back to bloggin on the reg and adding affiliate links and ideas here, which honestly, I should’ve been doing all along. When you are on someone else’s platform, you are at their whim, and yes, they can pull the proverbial rug from under you. And that has happened, but to quote QUEEN, “don’t stop me now!” The ideas don’t stop. The patterns won’t stop, and a gal has billz to pay!

So, I did get the website revamped and I love it, but as a confession, I have completely forgotten how to use the new plug in since Octane Design Studios explained to me how to use it. 😫 Back to YouTube to figure it out and possible remediation with the aforementioned company.

Basically, I am re-committing to you Dear Crafter. 3 blogs a week, and one will be a DIY or knit/crochet or macrame pattern. I also commit to fixing the menu so that they take you to where you want to go instead of nowhere. Huzzah!

Macrame Cold Shoulder Top on Model afr0m0mma

In the meantime, check out my latest Macrame Cold Shoulder Top Tutorial on YouTube OR how to make a Macrame Fan if your more into home dec.

Macrame Fan

And many more…


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