Macrame Tinsel Jacket

Ella in the Moon
Macrame Tinsel Jacket

Hello, and Happy Sunday! Hope yinz are loving the new site and the upgrades! I’m excited to continue categorizing the old posts (the categories don’t have the links under them yet) and adding some commerce/diy kits on here just in time for the holidaze. Oh, and free exclusive patterns!

I am thankful for Octane Designs and how they did they’re best to help me, help you have a better website experience here. Danielle was very patient with me and I’m so glad I used a badass, black woman-owned tech business for the re-vision of this site.

I have been going back and forth with whether to continue the site, but with learning that there are plug ins that make changing the website so much easier, I shall soldier on! Plus, I just got sponsored with a brand new laptop. It’s meant to be.

So, in the next couple of weeks, I will be learning Elementor so that this blog is updated regularly and user-friendly. I’m gonna commit two hours a day m-f to learn it. It’s already easier than WordPress alone.

Until then, reminder! Check out my Pinterest. It REALLY helps me. Like that is where my 💵 are coming from right now to keep creating and it will enable me to build a better site here. And, go see how to make the “Macrame Tinsel Jacket”! It’s sooo fun to wear. I slept it in the first day after I wore it. It’s a pretty easy DIY but it will take you a while. Oh, and a YouTube Subscriber said I look like Harley Quinn in it. I said, “bless your heart”.


And thanks in advance to any readers who do either of the above. And as always, I’d love to see anything you make. Email, Pinterest DM or Youtube are the best ways to contact me for now.

Knotty friend,

Athena 🌑

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