MIY Crochet Daisy Earrings

MIY Daisy Earrings

Hola! On a Monday no less! Shocking, I know!🙀. I hope that is the proper emoji. If it isnt, chalk it up to my not being a millenial, but definitely in the internet era.

I have been quite busy making idea pins for Pinterest and releasing free patterns and tutorials over there. I hope you have followed me over there, but if you haven’t, you’re in luck because right below here is a link to make these supe cute earrings. Shouldnt take ya more than 20m to make both if you have the supplies.

https://pin.it/1QhExAO Daisy Earrings

Also, while you’re over there, you can check out my other quick MIY Crochet Tutorial for a crochet plant hanger made out of rope cast offs.

Latest Plant Hanger Pattern

I love the way it turned out and how it’s in a more fall color. I have taken down my spring-like granny square crochet hanger to prepare for my favorite season. Anyhow, both tutorials are easy to follow and don’t take much time. I wrote out the patterns within the Idea Pin while showing how to do them via video.

I’m still waiting on more work to be done on the blog. It’s taking forever and honestly, I may have to go to drastic measures to have the company follow through.

But as I always say “hope springs eternal” so not need to be forlorn. Looking forward to sharing more of what I have been up to this week.

Knotty Friend,


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