the Heat is On! ☀️

My latest installation.

Another summer is here and my goodness, I have never been so hot! I’m already #overit! Making things in the summer takes a whole different level of commitment and discipline. I sweat into the items I’m creating. Can you imagine? Has this ever happened to you? 🥵

I think I have a hard time taking stock and realizing the amount of creating I do within a week, month or year. If I am not making, I’m thinking about making, or designing something in my head.

Within the past two months, I’ve been primarily focusing on making idea pins on Pinterest as the majority of my income is coming from there. Well, and my Vintage Shop (Black and Bitchin’ on Depop). I definitely have hit the accelerator there, and pulled back here. My niece and I have been playing around taking photos and what not at locations all around our small town. We’ll thrift a super cute dress or item to resale and have fun doing a photo shoot. Just for something to do.

Remember this bag? The tutorial I showed y’all last year on here. Still love the bag.
The Yuko-En Japanese Gardens
Little Log Cabin

So, that’s what I am up to lately. I hope to get back to sharing diys and how tos here soon, if they ever finish redesigning the website, which I am honestly getting discouraged about right now. I realize why I always try to DIY everything.

In knots,


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