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Knotty Wall: How to’s for these are on Pinterest under my Idea 📌 s

Hiya! The time has come! Yo estoy muy excitado! The website deliverables have arrived and the redesign starts this week. So, a new and improved Ella in the Moon begins. It’s just what I need to reinvigorate my passion for the blog and give you content you can use to make all the things!

Another project, which I’ve talked about before, is a granny square crochet top for me. I made one before, not intentionally, but this one is for me. Truth be told, it was supposed to be a dress, but I’ve run out of patience. I can always add to it later really.

The squares

Currently, I’m working through several wips, and I really want them done. Each different project is soooo close to being done. One is a special embroidered T shirt for an artist friend, and can I just say my love of embroidery and cross stitch is extinct! There was a time when I loved to make items on the ‘ol hoop, but now, I dread it. Maybe I’ll show you the ones I still have on “Throwback Thursday”.

Then, there is the Macrame Scorpion Dress I am finally showing my YouTube subscribers how to make. I have shared a snippet on The tube, yet the rest is in my edit queue. It’s probably the item I’m proudest of making that I designed. I can’t wait to drop part 1 of the tutorial tomorrow.

And…I have this super cute creation that I have in the works that I think folks are gonna swoon 😍 over. But, guess you’ll have to check my Pinterest on Thursday for it. 😉

I’m happy to say that after the redesign goes live, I will have 2-3 patterns ready to release to the blog first! So, check back in like a week to find out release dates. Until then…

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