Fixing Links, Pinning Things

Hey ho! Poppin’ in to tell you the contract to upgrade and remodel this website is in the works! I am so excited! I have big dreams for it, so it is time to make this site too legit to quit. Sometimes, you have to find the experts in fields to help you level up, even if it costs a little bit. But what does this mean for you?!

Well, it means the site will make more sense, be more aesthetically pleasing, modern, and bring in some much needed revenue for me to continue to offer you free patterns and diy💡 ideas. And…I can offer kits and such!

The work hasnt started yet but I will sure let you know when it does. Until then, please (And I aint too proud to beg), check out my Pinterest. I have been adding a lot of ideas and how to tutorials there, all under a minute. It will help me out tremendously.

Knot it!,


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