March Madness ☘️

Granny Square Crop Top

👋🏾 Hi Makers! Welcome back. Raise your hand if you are deep into March Madness? And I ain’t talking basketball. Watching the NCAA March Madness College Basketball Championship is a requirement here. It’s Kentucky, so it comes with the territory, and well, I am a former obsessed college basketball fan come roller derby athlete now retired so sports are in my blood. But this aint no sports blog! It’s about my craft obsession and patterns for you 👊🏾 and lately, granny squares in particular.

The pandemic had us in lockdown and apparently, people are all about crochet now, which is great because I am still obsessed with crocheting. In fact, I have been crocheting like a maniac. Crocheting til my wrists ache. So why haven’t I shared patterns and works with my blog readers? (Begging the question…because I have been crocheting. Ha. 🧶)

Not only is crocheting big again, but granny squares are all the rage. And I get it. I have always loved making granny squares. Me encanta granny squares. Let me show you. Here are some of the projects I’ve recently completed.

Granny Square Crop Top with mesh back (eitm pattern)
Before I seamed it
A lil project I started years ago and finally finished! It’s my new project bag.
Because I burned out on making macrame plant hangers. I’ve made soooo many since 2017. This is my 3rd style of granny square hanger. pattern coming! 😉
My newly made granny square bag. I love it. At event with my niece who also models for me @afr0m0mma on Instagram

So, see 👁, March Madness. And I have one last project to finish this month of the granny square variety. A midi granny square dress. I am over halfway mark on square making. Wish me luck! Have you been granny square obsessed? Share the love on IG.

Check back in a few days for a new crochet pattern!

Happy Making,


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