DIY Bubblegum Mirror and New Macrame Top

Bubblegum Raffia Mirror

Hi Friends/Readers! Hope you are well in your neck of the woods and I hope you are “happy crafting”! Things are fine here in Kentucky except for the snap back to cold 🥶 and torrential rains. Also, I am 💔 heartbroken over what is happening in 🇺🇦 Ukraine. Like spend swaths of my day thinking about how little children are being bombed. Tears.

Sorry to start off so dark. Let’s escape to the world of craft momentarily. Hard transition, have you checked out the EllaintheMoon YouTube?! Well, I can only say that you are really missing out. Last night, I uploaded the funnest, quirkiest video I’ve ever posted as part of my 5 part“Cardigan Series”, where I talk briefly about the cardigans I’ve made, their patterns and unbox my first Farm Rio purchase. 😍 Me Encanta!

Also, my Polymer Clay Raffia Mirror DIY is up (more aptly naming it my Bubblegum Mirror now). It’s a quick fun DIY much like the Raffia Moon Mirror DIY project from a while back here on this blog.

Part 1 of the Macrame Festival Top

Oooh, and there is the new Macrame Festival Top tutorial I presented almost two weeks ago. It’s inspired from a photo I saw on Pinterest, and I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

I will have a pattern to present on here only in the next few days. It is a crochet pattern so be sure and check back on Friday. But until then, head over to the YouTube and subscribe. It’s free!

Keep it Knotty,


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