Knotty Rainbow 🌈

Hey Ho! 🌊 It’s the weekend here, and I am on a tear! Creatin’, editin’ and high fivin’…myself. I am feeling well! Heck, even went to the gym 3 days this week. I am in a rhythm of getting projects done and uploaded for all to make. The ‘Nada’ Macrame Bag is getting some views and hopefully this knotty rainbow will, too.

I hope my enthusiasm is palpable! Irl, I am overly excitable so yer lucky to be behind a screen and the internets cause I squeeze humans when I’m excited.

This week alone, I have edited to vids for my youtube AND uploaded them within 72 hours of each other. And, I made 11 granny squares (9 for a new top creation, 2 for the granny square dress I have in the works for spring). #brag

Oh, and, I have a super chunky knit sweater almost done. Just have to weave in the loose ends and add a few more K1, P1s for the collar. The sweater isnt perfect, but whaddya expect while creating from scratch while watching your fave shows on the SyFy channel?! (Do you watch Resident Alien? I love it. So funny!)

Don’t worry, I’ll show-and-tell the makes this week via the craftcast. Sooo many things to make, so little time.

I have a few how tos brewing for market displays to help my fellow crafters easily transport and display your for sale wares. Just need the child to have a full week at school (and for me to go to bed at a regular time like a normal adult woman!). A lady can dream.

So, here’s the link to the knotty rainbow. Enjoy!

Knot it!

eitm 🌙

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