The ‘Nada’ Prada Macrame Bag

DIY ‘Nada’ Macrame Bag

Hey Everyone! Hope yinz are having a great week! I am finally feeling well lately and have hit the ground running with a bunch of video tutorial for my YouTube 📺 (pssst…!) and I am so pumped about the latest creation. It is a take on the Prada Macrame Bag that I saw on Pinterest.

It works up supe’ fast and is allkindsacute. It is perfect for the quickly approaching 🤞🏾 spring weather (hopefully minus the torrential rains we are experiencing, ugggh). Made out of 9mm cotton braided rope from AllYarnDrive on Etsy, it is very versatile and sure to get you a buncha “hey, where’d u get that?!”.

Oh, and a quick couple of announcements! I’ve updated this blog a little and added a links page. It has my tiktok, pinterest and instagram links. So, if you are like, what does she having in the works rn, you can check my social medias. I update Pinterest and YouTube the most, and IG the least lately.

I’m also considering opening a shop here on this very blog and offering my favorite ropes and yarns that I use in my makes. If that interests you, let me know and maybe I’ll pick up the pace in this. Plus, I could offer my specific eitm only boho scrap rope yarn.

I have another tutorial dropping on Saturday with the same kinda rope. My Macrame Rainbow (or it is finger crochet 😬).

Anyhooter, Imma pop the link in here and have at it. I hope you make one for youself!

I’m going to be doing a giveaway soon! So if y’all join my YouTube, once I get to 1K subscribers, I have a special pattern and surprise for the 1k subscriber (Only a few more to get there). And many more good things coming.

Keep it Knotty,


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