Sustainable Sunday

Macrame Scrap Creation

Scrolling through old photos of creations from years ago in my macrame journey, I found this macrame hanging. As a person who really cares about and worries about the planet, y’all know I’m all about sustainability and we as macrame artists can do our part. The above piece has scraps of leather (and yes probably not great for the planet, i know) and rope. It made a beautiful accent on our front door. It didnt offer much privacy though, but hey, art trumps practicality at times.

Sundays moving forward, I’m gonna try to focus on sustainable ideas for posts as it is an area that I think about a lot. Like how can we as creators, reuse, recycle and reduce in the best ways possible. How can one item be multi-faceted and make less of an impact on our planet? My most popular posts of all time on here are about reusing scraps, but I am gonna take it even further in the next two months with some other creations I have in the works that go beyond macrame, and into the realm of knitting, crochet and weaving even. (It’s something you’ve already seen, yet re-imagined).

These creations will have video tutorial components so be sure to subscribe to EllaintheMoon on YouTube 📺. The channel is gaining subscribers quickly lately so don’t miss out, especially if you’ve been itchin to slow fashion your summer swim cover up.

Hope y’all are making lots in 2022 already. I have a knit cardigan to complete right now.

With whimsy,

eitm 🌙

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