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Help me blog (back pack full of yarn)

Hello Mis Companeros, y Craft Friends! What’s going on? I hope you all are well in whatever part of this glorious planet you are in. I sincerely do. I’m one of those people who cares deeply. Like too much even. It’s not unusual for me to cry in “St. Jude Hospital” commercials or while reading some article about humans being mistreated. I’m “that bitch” 🤣

My empathy gets me down somedays. So much so that it paralyzes me and I have to dig deep and remember Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption which just so happens to be my favorite movie. Hope Springs Eternal. Remembering how this fictional character suffered 19 years and then crawled through tons of crap to get out happy on the other end gives me joy (and tears).

I say all of the above because we know I struggle with consistency and posting here often. Part of the problem is my health has been absolute crap this year, the other being my son’s school calls off unexpectedly quite often and well, the paralysis from above.

Yet do not dismay. For those of y’all needing a macrame fix or crochet inspo, just subscribe to my YouTube! I have been pretty regular over there and there is a glut of how to videos and eitm podcasts uploaded now. Not to mention my thariving (yes misspelled for emphasis) Pinterest. I am Ella in the Moon on all the above. And, I have an IG but I rarely use it because Mark Zuckerberg is truly an evil engineer. Jmho. I just find IG depressing and making me feel like I am not doing enough. I feel inadequate and as we know, I have enough problems. Whew.

Anyhooter, with all of that being said, please send blessings my way for this boomerang of latest menopause hot flashes to leave me be. I feel truly debilitated this week. Additionally, I need to get the disclaimers and government requirements added to the blog this next week. Once the above two issues are alleviated and resolved, watch out craftin’ world…hopefully.

With yarn 🧶,

eitm 🌙

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