Crochet All Day 🧶

Hello hello! It has been a while, eh!? Sorry for that. I was just busy filling orders for my “i have knotty hobbies” shirts that I begged you lovely folks to purchase in my last post. Flying off the shelves I say. OK, knot really: It resulted in two orders. And I’m not even sure they were from blog readers. Haha.

So, I got depressed and started feeling “is this even worth the time?” Ever feel like that? Where you put your energy and time into something and feel like nobody cares? I’m sure some of you can relate. But enough boo hoo woe is me crap. The world owes us absolutely nothing. And experiencing hiding from a tornado in December recently, well, small first world problem.

And with that being said, I forge on. You can still buy the knotty shirts for the knotter in your life in my Etsy They come in many sizes and can ship next day.

My macrame tutorials continue on YouTube so be sure and check out part 2 for the macrame festival vest. Part 3 is coming soon and it will involve some crochet or you can continue on in macrame. However, part 3 isnt necessary if you just want a beach-ready item. (Is she really talking about beaches in December 🤣).

Wanna know what crafting I have been up to lately? In between being quite sick with an upper respiratory infection and my kid being sick? 😷 Crochet! I have been crocheting and sewing, actually. Remember my motto is “whatever fits my whimsy”. Specifically, I finished up the cutest commissioned crochet baby bear cardigan with booties for a former coworker. It was a fun project.

Monpetitviolon on Etsy pattern
Added cute lil’ booties and ❤️ buttons. Completely made up the bootie pattern while crocheting.

I have been commissioned by my sis-in-law to make 6 sets of matching masks, head wraps and earrings for Holiday gifts for her friends and sisters. I am not enjoying it, but the things we do for family, amiright? I’m loving the print we picked out though. 👇🏾

My Dad also has me sewing him 3 sets for his lady friends. Uggghhh. He is going to pay me even though I don’t want his 💰.

And aside from the ever-growing granny square maxi dress I’m designing and trying to complete by 1/1/22, I finished another Katie Jones Knitwear Blooming Bomber. I love it! Do you?

Katie Jones in collaboration with LoveCrafts. Free pattern.

Love the detailing

🌚🤩 and just like that, gotta get one more stitch in! Be sure and join me on YouTube or IG and if you made ANYTHING from the blog patterns or tutorials I’vr given you this year, I would love to see! Please, show your work. 😇

Yarn Over and Out,


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