Why Macrame? 5 Reasons

Hello, Hello! Another day to tie the knot or a knot! I woke up today wanting to macrame. Actually, more pointedly, I woke up wanting to finish shooting the current macrame video for my YouTube. Have you checked it out yet? If not, why knot? Ha.

No seriously, why knot? 🪢 Why did you click on this blog? Most likely because you came across my #1 post “5 Fantastic Uses for Macrame”. It outstats any other post I’ve ever done. And it makes sense. We all want the things we create to be useful. That’s why I wrote it. Plus, I’m an ideas person.

But let’s chat a bit. Imagine us by a fireplace, cozied up with some hot chocolate. ☕️ Why take up or learn macrame? Well, I have 5 reasons for you.

5. It’s perfect for the home. Yes, I’m sure many of us got into macrame because we saw a beautiful wall hanging or macrame plant hanger. We were enchanted by the intricate knots or the structure of the rope, how it seamlessly gave a bohemian vibe. Or knotical (the puns keep on coming! 😊). We love seeing plants suspended in mid air.

A custom piece I made for @hisarahtops on Instagram

4. We love to learn new crafts. Macrame is an age old craft and has enriched many lives over centuries. It originated in the Middle East and means “fringe” in Arabic, which I think I’ve mentioned before. If you are like me, and I’m guessing some of you are, you get “shiny sparkly object” syndrome with the possibility of a new craft. (Ps be sure to check out my punch needle disaster on the latest eitm video podcast). Macrame is no different in our quests to learn All The Crafts.

3. It’s portable. Macrame is easy to take with you and do on the go depending on how big your project is. Micro macrame, like a beautiful bracelet, can be done on a car trip to Grandma’s. You can whip up one of my mini macrame plant hangers on your vacation trip. All you need is rope, scissors, macrame board and t pins. Easy breezy.

Reused styrofoam cooler to and t pin=portability

2. It’s useful There are so many ways that we can use macrame everyday. From macrame toilet paper holders, macrame picture frames, macrame fruit holders and cat hammock. These are just to name a few. The possibilities are endless. Plus, it is so inexpensive to begin your knot journey.

Macrame Pictures Frame

1. It’s meditative Tying macrame knots can be such a peaceful and calming endeavor I’ve found. Knot after knot, you are holding concentrated attention on making knot perfection and creating your design. Hours go by, and a majestic piece is born. When I feel stressed sometimes, I use it as a release. Have you found this to be true of macrame as well? I’d love to know! Sound off with a comment. 😊

There you have my 5 reasons, as a knot aficionado and knot artist of now 6 years. I have gone from making large scale wall hangings for restaurants in CA to Custom Burning Man outfits. And I continue to enjoy this ancient craft in it’s many forms.

Keep it Knotty,


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