Slow Burn 🔥

November fire

It’s November. You’re probably already aware of this though. We wound our clocks and hours back for daylight savings time in parts of the US, where I reside. The air is warm here, but a crispness has set in. The leaves are carpeting our paths. November makes me pensive, poetic and sleepy. An exhaustion seeps in with the shortening of days. I become a 🐻 bear basically.

Hibernation is renewal. And a molting of sorts. Shedding old for new. I’m only speaking metaphorically not literally. I am continuing my blog, but really, I need to be more dedicated with pattern creation and posting. Some people are so capable, organized and routinely, I am none of these things. I create in spurts and go through days and weeks of malaise. And it shows in my stats. Trying to make a livelihood out of blogging and creating is a tantamount task, not for the inconsistent.

So, with that being said, til 1/1/22, I am not longer a slow burn with this blog, my creating or pattern-writing. I am an ablaze, unrelenting, pattern-designing, blog-posting, YouTube-creating maker on a mission. Won’t you join me?

Make it Knotty,

eitm 🌚

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