🎃In a clutch, Macrame Handbag 👜

Pumpkin Candles. Flame too high. 😱

Hi! It’s Halloween today! We made it! Haha. Not sure what that means but there is truly nothing wrong with rejoicing upon making it to another day. Plus, I’m all about fall. Changing the subject now, how about some pumpkin photos!

This mini pumpkin was interesting to me.
Jack O Lantern Spectacular with my tiny child and great nephew.

A little information on the above photo, we went to Louisville’s Jack O Lantern Spectacular and it did not disappoint! Over 5000 jack o lanterns artistically carved and painted. Artists used the theme “TV through the Years” as inspo and oh goodness, I’ve never been so enchanted. Walking through Iroquois park at night, alit with thousands of amazing pumpkins will be a time I always remember. It helped me get over a deep disappointment.

Even though I didnt meet my goal (thanks debilitating illness), I did still create and share three new pumpkin patterns this past month. So that’s not nothing, right? Below you will see what was supposed to be my 4th pumpkin pattern of macrame.

Sometimes, patterns don’t work out. 😥

I know, I’ve made a big deal about pumpkins but something about their round orangeness (and other heirloom colors now) make me happy. I guess we can keep them around tol after the November Holidays. Anyhow, sorry if you were looking forward to another pattern. Don’t despair. I have a macrame handbag pattern up on YouTube that you can check out! It’s been up since Friday. So get some T shirt yarn and some dowels and get to making!

Get thee to YouTube 📺 (and subscribe please).

As for me, time to get ready for trick or treating with my little one and finishing up 2 works in progress.

Happy Halloween,


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