Gourdgeous Pumpkins

My Happy Place

Did you know pumpkins are gourds? And a squash?! Well, google says so. And science. Tasty little tidbit.

And, “October is my favorite color” as seen on a T-Shirt I almost purchased is certainly a vibe, and I’m here for it usually, but it has been unseasonably warm here and I have been whiplashed back into Menopause. Basically, I have been sick.

If you follow this blog regularly, you will know that I intended to present two more pumpkin patterns before end of October. I have encountered a major hiccup in my lofty plans as of late though. Hot flashes, extreme fatigue and general malaise have been completely debilitating for the last week and a half. I sleep during the day, and sweat slash toss n’ turn at night. It’s also a vibe and quite terrible. Just as I was on a roll, my physical health stops me in my tracks.

So, until I finish the “in progress” pumpkin macrame pattern (or is it a jack-o-lantern”) in the crafterroom, just enjoy these images of macrame and pumpkins.


Three tiered macrame pumpkin hanger (my pattern, never wrote it up ☹️)
My former porch adorned with macrame pumpkin hangers
Macrame Spiral Hitched Pumpkin On Macrame Pattern Swatch
My kiddo last year at the Evans Orchard

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