Another Pumpkin, Another Day 🍂🍁

Mini Pumpkin Hanger
Read on for the link to the Tutorial

Hello out there! It’s the first truly fall Sunday here, and it’s raining like it’s Spring. Torrential down pour really. All the plans I’ve had for the weekend are kaput. No Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Festival in Louisville or the Annual and Amazing St. James Art Fair. ☹️. Just at home holding my kiddo with his cyclical GI challenges. I’m basically a nurse minus all of the training and tests. And the pay.

Eh, enough “woe is me” and more crafting, the happy part of life. I have a new macrame tutorial ready for you! It’s already on YouTube, too. It’s perfect for a mini pumpkin. Replacing the plants, putting the pumpkins in their place.

Macrame Mini Pumpkin Hanger

This little ditty should take under an hour to make. You will need 5mm cotton rope, and a 5 inch ring. Additionally, T pins and a macrame board on which to work. Here is the link (if you havent subscribed yet to the YouTube 🤓)

What I love about this mini macrame hanger is that it’s kinda avante garde and traditional. You can even customize it further if you’d like by threading wood beads in the middle of the triangle or reverse lark’s heading rope of a different color through the middle.

Transitions nicely thru the season. 😊

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