Make: Crochet Bric-a-Basket

Get out your Jumbo Crochet Hook 🧶

Happy Thursday! I have a new crochet project for you! Super quick and super fun to make imho! For all of those crocheters out there who need a quick fix like me because patience can be rough. Haha. You are seen.

Everything you need is down below, and guess what, this pattern is free.99 for you dear reader! Folks who come across it on Etsy, well, not free. And believe me, it took hours to take the photos and write the project eventhough I whipped it up quickly. The best thing about this make is how versatile and useful it is. We all need a little basket to throw our bric-a-brac in.

2 styles, one crochet pattern!


  • Large Crochet Hook (size Q, 16mm)
  • 1 skein (108 yards) of 9mm Braided Cotton Rope (Bobbiny brand-I ordered mine on Etsy from AllYarnDrive (highly recommend))
  • Scissors

Time Needed:  This should only take you about 25 minutes if you are intermediate to advanced.  Beginner, maybe 45 minutes tops.  

You will need to be able to do the following techniques/stitches:

Slip Stitch (SS)

Chain (Ch)

Single Crochet (SC)

***for the modified one, you will need to be able to Back Loop Only (BLO) Single Crochet

Skip Chain or Stitch (SK)

Beg = Beginning

Working in a round, Ch 5 and Slip Stitch to Join

Round 1, Ch2, 10 SC’s, sl st to join to beg

Round 2:  Ch3, sk st, then SS in next St, Ch3, sk st, sl st in nxt st, repeat 3 more times, then DO NOT sk next stitch, sl st in it.  Sl St in beg to join

Round 3:  Ch2, 2 SC’s in same Ch3 from Previous Round, and SC in every Slip Stitch from previous round, do this the whole way around til you get back to the beg, sl st into ch2 to join.

Round 4:  Ch2, counts as 1st stitch, SC in every stitch from previous round.  SS to join to beg ch2.  (21 stitches including ch2)

Round 5: ch2, SC in every stitch from previous row, then sl st to beg to join.  Cut excess (there won’t be much if you ordered 108 yards from Bobbiny)

Now, turn your item inside out as this will help it structurally, and drop in your bric-a-brac. Small items will fall out of the bottom unless you line it.  I use it for my keys, nail polish, and my son’s chewelry.

****If you’d like to make the second option of this basket, the version that looks more like knitting and is in green (if you can see the color), then in every SC you see from Rounds 3-5, you will Back Loop only whenever there is a Single Crochet.  So, to repeat, you will not go through both stitches for your SC, you will only SC into the back loop.

Hope you make a couple for your home.  You can also use ¼ Cotton or Braided Rope to make this item.  

Ella in the Moon 

(™) Please credit Ella in the Moon if you make this item. You are welcome to sell it in your shop. Happy Making

PS. I didnt make use a magic circle because it messed up the bottom. It made it wobbly.

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