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Lil’ MacCro Pumpkin

Finally, I have my son to sleep. He went hard in the paint today (basketball analogy), and boy, oh boy, am I completely worn out. We did it all, the playground, Evan’s Orchard and throwing acorns in the backyard. I’m like “child, I need to blog!”

Hope this Sunday has been restorative for yinz (y’all in Pittsburghease). Hope you had the opportunity to spend time outdoors or enjoying something meaningful to you.

So, I am going to present the first of 5 pumpkin patterns tonight. It is part macrame (remember the wave knot?) and part crochet. Both parts go very fast imo. I love doing both of these techniques because I am utterly impatient, which is probably a surprise to readers. Crafting has changed me a little bit though on that front.

So, you will need Twine and Cotton Rope or really any cotton brushed rope 3mm. I purchased the twine for like $1.79 and used most of it. The cotton rope is actually unbraided tricord 1/4 inch scrap but for all intents and purposes, just use 3mm brushed. I tend to reuse to reduce my carbon footprint and out of general cheapness, but you do you.

The twine I used but in brown

This pattern will make a small pumpkin measuring about 6-7 inches around. Want a larger pumpkin? Increase rope by 2 lengths for every 1/2 inch and crochet rows by 2.

Wave knot

Tools: Scissors ✂️ , Darning Needle 🪡, macrame board (or styrofoam cooler lid, three T pins, 5.75mm crochet hook.

Crochet portion (US terms):

hdc=half double crochet

chain 16

R1: in 2nd ch from hook, yarn over and insert hook, pull up loop and HDC in every stitch to the end (14), ch 2 and turn

R2: HDC in Back Loop only, skipping first st. Ch2 and turn

R3-R14 repeat row 2 exactly as written, then snip and cut

Next, macrame portion:

Line up a length of twine measuring twelve inches beside crocheted piece with two T pins anchored onto board.

Fold cotton rope and Larks head 12 lengths measuring 36 inches onto a piece of twine measuring 12 inches.

Next, do the wave knot, changing direction every 5 rows for approximately 15 total rows. I basically wave knotted til it matched up in length with the crochet piece. See video for wave knot.

To finish the fringe off, make 1 row of horizontal half hitches along the bottom. Snip excess.

So, now you have a macrame square and crochet square, but they need to link together. Simply get out the darning needle and stich them together. I did an overhand stitch on both sides to match them together. There is no wrong or right side with these two squares so just place one atop another and overhand or running stitch them together. Overhand is bulkier and sturdier.

After stitching together, turn it inside out and follow instructions below and see photo

Now, you will need to cut a piece of twine to do a gathering running stitch to pull everything in and shape. I filled my pumpkin with tissues but you can use polyfill or whatever you have around. A lot of pumpkin patterns use polyfill.

Running stitch below along edge in between stitches

You have to pull quite hard to gather all of the stuffing in and make so that the wholes at top and bottom are closed up to 1/2 inch.

Lastly, find a small stick or twig to act as the pumpkin topper. Insert into 1/2 inch hole at top. I went the extra step and made a crochet I-chord cover in green for a lil extra pizzazz. I basically threw it on over my little twig. It took maybe 8 minutes. Found the video on YouTube. I had forgotten how to I chord so had to do a refresher.

4 pumpkins and 1 squash

I hope yinz make a lil’ macro pumpkin or size it up as the instructions state above. Hopefully, it is all clear but if I know myself, I will edit portions for greater clarity tomorrow after a night’s rest.

Tuesday, I will release the Macrame Pumpkin with video. So, hope to see you then. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube. 📺

Happy Making,


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