The Pumpkins are Coming! The Pumpkins are Coming!👻🎃

Hola! Ni hao! Jambo! Konichiwa! 👋🏾 Hi! How about that crafters!? Trying to be more welcoming as I have readers from all over the planet which I find very exciting. Everyone should feel welcome here and I hope you do. Weird sentence. Sorry. Not gonna fix it though. Sooo…pumpkins are coming!

MacCro Pumpkin and Macrame Pumpkin

MacCro: to be both macrame and crochet.

I have patterns coming for free (gratis) right here on Sunday. Both patterns above. Everyone else will have to get them off Etsy if they don’t read the blog (pssst…tell em to read the blog 😉). I am so over-the-ella-in-the-moon foe the season change here and pumpkins. Y’all gonna be so over me talking about ‘em. 🤔 Maybe.

I’ve been on a tear lately in creating. Like right now, I am piecing together a patchwork cardigan. And, I have more granny squares to make for a dress I have envisioned along with filming the squares for my YouTube, which I have my own YouTube link for now! So many wonderful things to share with you readers and thank you for reading.

In the coming month, I am going to re-envision the blog set up, formatting for more ease of use and hopefully, better aesthetically. I am going to switch to a static homepage so that one can click on a side panel to get to old patterns/articles and have them organzied into “DIYs” or “Crochet” or “Macrame”. So excited for what the future holds for this blog and hope you will continue on this journey with me. 😊

How cute, eh? Twine, cotton rope and cotton 🧶

Until Sunday,


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