It’s Sunday, and what the heck, why not drop in randomly with a post for you! Hope all is well in your neck of the neighborhood. I’m up with insomnia slash my-son-wakes-me-up-and-it’s-driving-me-crazy! 😫

Y’all, I am asking Santa for sleep this xmas. I am so sleep deprived that it’s wearing on me. Not so much wear and tear that I cant stop, wont stop craftlife. 😂

When I’m awakened, usually after about 3 hours of sleep, the wheels start turning. What project can I work on in the dark for like 30m and go back to sleep? Or should I steel away to my crafterroom and shoot a video tutorial? (Have you followed my YouTube yet?! 📺). Or should I work on going back to sleep like a regular everyday adult? Usually, crafting wins. But I need sleep! Or do I need to write this blog post?

Keeping it light in the dark here (yep, typing in the dark, 🤫). Of course, I have like 4, 5, errr 80 projects going right now. For real, 80, ok wait, drop the 0, 8 is enough. But let me tell ya about the projects Ive finished this week.

Boho Scrap Shoulder Bag

Crochet with soft leather adornment. Pattern almost done.

Macrame Bralette

I figured out how to make a different macrame button style. Releasing style soon on here

Macrame Cup How To

Tutorial is on my YouTube

Polymer Clay Plant Display

How to coming this week for yinz! Just add plants 🌱 to propogate!

Patchwork Macroknit Cardi B

It’s in the WIP phase currently, but writing pattern as I go you readers 👊🏾

So, there ya have it. The results of insomnia and craftmania. And just as soon as my child goes to therapy tomorrow, I will be a craftin’ fool. My crafting is your gain.

Wanna share your craftings? Or sometbing you’ve made from reading eitm? I would be elated to see! Just dm me in Instagram or heck, I take emails, too. Ellainthemoon@gnail.com

Til Technique Tuesday,

Athena of eitm 🌚

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