Technique Tuesday on Wednesday

Macrame Photo Display

Woah! Time has certainly gotten away from me lately. I didnt even keep up with posting Technique Tuesday yesterday. 😬 Yet do not dismay. I have it here for ya now! Just tryna keep ya on your toes and coming back for more! But heck, here’s a lil 🤫 secret…it’s been on my YouTube for over a week now. Round of applause ahh yeaah!

So, I show ya how to make a macrame photo frame in the tutorial. Here it is 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 as promised in last post.

I love my macrame lil photo frame. Mine is hanging in my bedroom and has a picture of my old bandmate and I rockin’ out like 9 years ago. So sweet. Maybe you will find the perfect photo for yours.

In other news, I have been posting twice a week on the YouTube (subscribe please and thankie (Ellainthe Moon (yes there is a space, someone had ella in the moon already 😿)). One of my videos is almost at 2k views in less than a month. I’m gobsmacked and it has lit a fire under me to keep pumping out great tutorials.

I have a macrame guitar tutorial coming and a macrame book holster tutorial coming as well (pictured in last post). I’ll be sure to notify yinz before I post so be sure to check here weekly. I’m gonna try and get this blog back organized into sections in the next 7 days for easier navigating. A tantamount task for sure, but easier for readers.

Until Friday,

eitm 🌚

Ps did you subscribe?! Go forth and subscribe. You wont be sorry. Lots of stuff coming soon and some giveaways! 🤟🏾

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