Macrame Festival Skirt p2: the Back

Process photo

Hi all! 👋🏾 Hope this finds everyone hydrated, cool and happy. I feel for any readers in the West of the United States. The wildfires and heat have been out of control and downright scary. Climate change has always been a thing but it is certainly showing itself to be quite a force lately. My thoughts are with those in the drought.

I have been a crafting fool lately! Crocheting, macrame knotting and a return to some knitting. Oh, and sewing! I upcycled an H&M top recently and am adding super cool patches to a skirt I am reselling on my Depop! I’ll share that realm with y’all by week’s end if your curious (and even if you arent. 😆 haha).

Step by step tutorial photos

I have finished SO MANY PROJECTS in the last week that I will share and I am so pumped to finally record episode 4 of the Ella in the Moon podcast on YouTube.

Macrame Festival Skirt (short version)

So, yes, things and creations and ideas are happening, but what I came here today for was to let you know that part 2 of the Macrame Festival Skirt is live! This skirt is so sweet and boho. It can be thrown on over your swimwear at the beach and make you look effortless. And it can be made in any size and look great. Just add 4 more left square knots or 16 more strands of Bernat Dec Maker Yarn to size up.

Here is the link if you want to make it.

Come back later today for Technique Tuesday where I go over how to do a macrame knotting technique. I present them every other Tuesday.

Yes, that’s a crochet hook in my hair. Fun with the love of my life.

Until then,

eitm 🌚

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